PARKS & REC – April & Andy’s Road Trip Webisodes

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PARKS & REC – April & Andy’s Road Trip Webisodes

Check out the hilarity that ensues when April and Andy take a little cross country road trip with all four webisodes and a Behind the Scenes clip below. Also check out the NBC site for more content, including:

  • Road Trip Scrap Book: Photos and hilarious captions from the trip
  • Interactive Road Map: Lets fans track April and Andy’s road trip
  • Photo Submission: Want to be part of the fun? Fans can take a picture of their local P&R dept. and stake their own place on the interactive map!

Trailer for the “Road Trip” web series

See April’s intense – and hilarious – bout of arachnophobia.

4 Corners
Watch Andy show April the magical point where four states connect.

Calling Leslie
Hear Leslie’s hilarious travel tips for April and Andy.

Building A Home
Watch lovebirds April and Andy discuss the pros and cons of building a house right next to the Grand Canyon.

Behind the “Road Trip”
Watch Chris Pratt give you the inside scoop on the exclusive web series, “Road Trip.”