Cool New Cover Art on FUTURAMA Vol. 1-4 DVD Re-releases

Jun 08, 2012 Posted by in DVD/Blu-ray | 4 comments

While there hasn’t been an official announcement yet, it looks like on July 17, Volumes 1-4 of Futurama will be re-released on DVD with new box art to match those of Volumes 5 and 6. However, it appears that the contents of these DVD sets will be the same as that of the previous releases.

Here’s a look at the spiffy new artwork—as it appears on the FoxConnect pre-order listsings—featuring Fry, Morbo, Professor Farnsworth and Amy, alongside the existing Bender and Leela covers.

We’ll post any additional information we get on these releases.

UPDATE: It looks like Volume 7 will feature Dr. Zoidberg, and is rumored to be released December 18:


  • Concered Decapodian

    Volume 2’s cover is Morbo? Why not Zoidberg?

    • Zoidberg just can’t get any respect! I agree, he should have made it onto one of these covers. However, being a huge Morbo fan, I’m kind of excited for that cover.
      I originally bought the Region 4 Australia releases because I was too impatient for the US ones. Then I bought the US ones when they were on sale–so there is going to have to be another really good sale again in order for me to buy these just for the new covers (but I really want them).

      • Brenden

        Zoidberg is on the upcoming Vol 7.

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