Q&A with ALPHAS Star Warren Christie

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The good thing about Mondays is that they bring us brand new episodes of the hit Syfy series Alphas! Last week, I participated in a press Q&A conference call with one of the stars of the series, Warren Christie. Warren talked to us about his character, Cameron Hicks, and what lies in store for him in tonight’s episode (airing at 8/7c) as well as the rest of the season. He also talked about the series in general as well as some of his other recent projects.

Kyle Nolan: A couple weeks ago on the show, you had this big fight scene. Could you talk about the stunt work that you do on Alphas?

Warren Christie: Yes, the stunt work is one of my favorite things. It’s always a challenge and we have a really incredible stunt team that, you know, obviously, coordinates these things and then teaches it to us. It’s – you know, we’re a character-based story and that’s important but the stunts, I think, you know, can really ramp it up.

I mean, we’ve had some incredible ones this year and I’ve got to say we’ve got some really, really big ones coming up in the upcoming episode. So it’s always something that I like the challenge of. It’s a nice mix, you know, between the character and what’s going on but it’s always exciting to show up one day, see how something’s written in the script and then see what our stunt coordinator, Jamie Jones, brings to us because he always heightens everything and it’s really an amazing challenge.

Kyle Nolan: And on the opposite side of the spectrum, can you talk about what’s it like doing the more emotional stuff, such as the scenes between Hicks and his son Tyler?

Warren Christie: Yes, that was a really nice episode to get to do. It was interesting because it was the first time, I think, in any of the episode in two seasons that I’ve had no stunts and I wasn’t shooting any guns but it was incredibly rewarding, I mean, to do those things. I think it’s always been an important part of who Hicks is, you know, the relationship with his son and how it’s been a bit fractured.

So as we come up to the next episode and we get to see how they interact and where they’re at and how they want to push forward, it was a really nice way to flush out a really important side – another side of Cameron.

And here’s what others asked during the call:

What part of yourself do you see in Cameron? How do you relate with him and how is he different from you?

Warren Christie: Oh, well I think he A, is a lot cooler than I am. But, he – I think there’s a part in Cameron that’s, you know, we’ve seen him go through a lot. In the first season and the second season, there’s been a lot of subtle changes in what happens with the second half of the season is really, really some amazing things for him.

But from the beginning, even from the onset, you know, I think he’s a fighter. I think he’s -you know, he lost his way a little bit and kind of isolated himself. But I think that once he was given, especially in the season he’s really been strangely enough the one who really wanted to hold the group together at the beginning of the season when he was so, you know, adverse to joining in the first. But that fighter mentality, that, you know, trying to overcome type of thing, I like to think I have aspects of that, you know, in myself as well.

But like I said, he’s a lot cooler than I am. He can do a lot more – I can’t run off a wall, I tell you that much.

Could you talk a little bit about how the events of this next episode are going to affect Cameron in the upcoming episodes?

Warren Christie:: Yes, I mean, we have – we set up this first half of the season with a lot of storylines and I think at the end of one of – two of seven, excuse me, … Dr. Rosen had the revelation that Dani may have been the one who’s the mole. And now we’re going to see the ripple effect of how it affects everyone on the team and, you know, himself and especially Cameron because, you know, Cameron is falling her – he’s fallen for her and he’s really making this relationship work and he’s about to have his world flipped upside down.

So, the ripple effects that come out of it, I think – it was a great challenge for me and for the things that happen with the second half of the season. I’m really excited about what we’ve done but I think that our second half is really going to ramp things up a lot and really show a lot of different sides to different people. And that, you know, as an actor is what you only hope for.

Where do things stand between Hicks and Nina at the moment?

Warren Christie: Yes, Hicks and Nina. You know, we learned at the beginning of the second season that they weren’t together and then the few episodes past we learned why. You know, they – I think that Hicks’s main focus is trying to, you know, create this life with Dani, like, I mean, Dani Rosen. I mean, he’s fallen for her and he really wants to make it work. In this next episode coming up, we’ll how his son comes into play and he’s a part of it. So I think his main focus is there.

You know, I think we also saw in a couple episodes that there’s still a caring there, they still have a past and a relationship and that’s a tough thing just to walk away from. He cares about Nina, you know, in a way that, you know, only past couples can. But at the same time, I really think his main focus is trying to – you know, he’s trying to be good at work, he’s trying to be, you know, the best boyfriend he can.

And we’ll see in the upcoming that he’s really trying to fix his mistakes that he’s made as a father in the past and really push forward and make things as happy for himself as he can.

What do you think it is about Alphas that continues to make is such a favorite show amongst fans?

Warren Christie:: You know, I like to hope that it’s – it – really, at the end of the day we have some amazing stunts, we have some amazing explosions and this, that and the other thing. But I think that at the end of the day when you strip that all away, we’ve got some beautifully flawed characters that, you know, abilities aside, people can relate to and I think that that’s the key at the end of the day. And they’re struggling, you know, but they’re all – again, they’re working very hard to push forward and be the best people they are. And I think that that struggle is, at the end of the day, what we all want to watch.

Whether it be, you know, TV or film we want to see people struggle, we want to see them strive to succeed and I think that we’ve got some great characters and that the writers have done a really nice job of really flushing them out and changing them.

And you’re going to see more changes in them as the season goes along. Some events will happen that will change some of them forever and it’s really big. Built, I just think that at the end of the day there’s something about, you know, at least one of the characters on the team that resonates with people who are watching and hopefully we can continue with that.

What do you feel about the addition of  Erin Way to the mix? Could you also talk about what it’s been like working with Kathleen Munroe? And have you ever worked with either of them before being on Alphas together?

Warren Christie: Well, I can answer the third one first. No, I never worked with either of them before. I, you know, I met Kathleen at the end of Season one but we didn’t have a lot of scenes together. I’ll start with Erin Way because she is so adorable.

You know, people have really taken to her character. I’ve seen and I’ve heard and I think that that’s who she is. She’s a really likable, lovable person. She’s done a great job with this character. It’s one of those things where two second and you seen her doing it and you cannot picture another person, you know, and I think that to me is the ultimate compliment.

And on the, you know, work side of it, you know, she walked into a season two, you know, of a group that had been together and we’re all quite close and we have lot of fun and she, you know, mixed right in and she was a perfect addition to our little dysfunctional group right off the top.

She’s a sweetheart, she’s an incredibly hard worker and she’s just – she’s got the greatest laugh and she – we had a lot of fun. And she and I have more stuff together as the season goes along and she is really – she’s just a really, like, treat to work with. I mean, I know that sound a little cheesy but she’s just a lot of fun and she’s great. And I think that the stuff that she’s done with this character has been really great and it’s why people are so taken by her.

And Kathleen and I have had a lot of stuff together. We worked a lot this year and we have a lot of stuff coming up. I think she’s a phenomenal actress. I think that the stuff that she’s done with Dani has been really incredible because she’s towing the line. You know, she’s not a good guy; she’s not a bad guy. She’s, you know, just a person who’s trying to live her life and make these choices and someone who’s made a choice in the past. And I think that the work that Kathleen’s put into it and the way she’s flushed this character our and brought it to life is really incredible. And again, we have a lot of fun. Our show’s a lot of fun in general.

You know, we work long hours and we have a lot of stuff going on but at the end of the day, it’s – the cast and crew are phenomenal and we make sure that we get our work done but we make sure that we have a lot of laugh. And Kathleen and I definitely have a lot of fun together and we have some great scenes and some incredible stuff coming up. And yes, I can’t really say enough about the two of them. They’re both pretty incredible.

Do you feel Hicks is a happier character now that he’s back in the mix with everybody and he’s not had to be so front and center now that Rosen’s back in the head position?

Warren Christie: I think he is. I mean, I think that, you know, when we first see him at the beginning of this year, he’s – I mean, he’s doing his job and he’s, you know, I don’t think Hicks is a really good paperwork kind of guy. And he’s trying to, you know, do his job and be the good little worker and all that stuff but I think he’s much happier in a different role. And I think they’re all much happier with Rosen back. I mean, he is the clear-cut leader, you know, for so many different reasons.

But I think that once you take the -you know, we learned about Hicks’s – originally in the first season, he’s not a big fan of pressure and those things. And as he’s dealing with them and he’s changing and he’s — I mean, he’s kind of growing up and he’s trying, like I said, pull his life together and he’s trying to make this relationship work. And we’re going to see him in the next that he’s really trying to be the best father he can, he’s trying to be good a work.

You know, he’s really trying to grow up and mature and do all these different things. But I think you’re right. I think he’s a much happier guy. You know, just kind of behind the scenes a little bit, doing what he has to do. But you will see him take a much different role in the second half. Some events will happen and there’s going to be like a lot of changes within the characters and there’s going to be some shifts I think are very exciting. So, hopefully you’ll get to see it.

When we first met Hicks, he was pretty isolated by choice because had trust issues because of his past. Once the truth about Dani is unveiled, will he revert back to being more isolationist or is he evolved enough now that he can realize that’s going to happen but he still needs people around him?

Warren Christie: Well, it’s a great question, because I mean, realistically, I mean, he was that, you know, that isolated guy who didn’t want to be, you know, a part of things in season one. But then, I have always thought he – although he put himself in that place he craved being a part of a team, he craved – you know, we’re talking about a guy who was a former marine.

We’re talking about a guy who was a semipro baseball players, these are all team things. But the past, he let them down and that was his big problem. But I always thought that he craved being a part of team and once he had it, the fact that what happened at the end of season one and the team become so fractured, I think that’s what was interesting to see him at the beginning, you know, questioning the paperwork and doing the things he had to do.

I mean, he was trying to hang on to. the thing with Nina, obviously, we see the effect of that as far as the two of them and they’re not together anymore but as we saw it go long distance, there’s still some care in there and now the, you know, the events that are going to transpire. As you can see at the end of “Gods and Monsters”, Dr. Rosen’s kind of figured out where Dani is as far as, you know, her part in everything. He’s going to take a bit of a different path. I wouldn’t say necessarily become, you know, completely isolated but his agenda’s going to change massively in a certain way.

I mean, obviously, I can’t give too much away, but he’s going to almost have a very (unintelligible) focus with some things that are going to happen in the future. It was pretty exciting, you know, for me. It was – I thought the scripts have been great, I think we’ve had a great season and I’m really excited for this second half. There’s a lot of things that happen and it affects everyone. And so, hopefully you guy enjoy seeing it as much as we did shooting it.

In the next episode, you really show a human side to your character. Is that something that you all kind of have to push for or is it just in the fabric of the show?

Warren Christie: Now, I mean, I think it’s in the fabric of the show. You know, I think that we know at the end of the day that these characters, they are what keep people coming back. And, you know, it’s very important to us as actors to make sure that we have these fully realized characters and what they’re going through.

You know, we see it this year with, you know, Rachel trying to have a relationship and, you know, Bill coming to grips with, you know, letting go and, you know, Gary moving out and his independence. So it’s an important things to mix in to the fabric of everything but there’s also, you know, we also have a storyline and a season line that we follow. So, you know, we have a lot of characters and so it’s important to get these things in when they come.

You know, it’s interesting, the next episode that you’re talking about, I have to say, it’s the least amount of stunts I’ve done, I haven’t – I didn’t shoot a gun, I actually got a couple days off. But it’s some of the most rewarding stuff I’ve gotten to do because we showed such a different side to Cameron and we get to see, you know, the father he’s been, the father he wants to be and all these different things. And still with the whole underlying of what’s going on, you know, in the Alphas world.

So, it was beautifully written stuff. It was really nice kind of breaking away from some of the other things and they’re also, like you said, they’re very important pieces of these characters and that’s what we hope is resonating with people.

What does the character of Stanton Parish (played by John Pyper-Ferguson) bring to the show? In particular this season, he seems to be kind of stirring the pot a little bit for the Alphas.

Warren Christie: Yes, Pype, I can say enough about what he’s been doing. You know, he – we saw in last episode we finally actually see him. You know, up until now it’s just been talked about and then she showed up in our offices. But Pype has been doing an incredible job with Parish because, you know, originally early one you couldn’t necessarily just call him the bad guy, you know.

He was just trying to make what he believed is a better world and the way it has to be. He’s spoken about a war that’s coming and these things but what – in the scenes between him and David are always so incredible because Pype brings such a presence and such a weight to Parish and it’s important. You know, when we see him in these snippets, he’s carried such a – so much presence to him it’s really important. And the two of them together are such a great – having such a great chess match. But he is – he’s a great actor who’s really – I mean, I can’t even put it.

It really keeps coming down to – I keep saying presence because every time I see him pop on the scene there’s just something about him and work with him and now that he’s been revealed to us, you know, we’ll have more and more stuff with him. And getting to work across from him, he’s been great.

Another example of like, you know, the minute a word comes out of his mouth, I’m just like okay, well that’s Stan Parish, nobody else can play him and that’s, I think, as good a compliment as you can get.

What has been the best insightful nugget that you’ve learned about yourself since you took on the role of Cameron?

Warren Christie: Oh, wow. That’s a really good question. Taken on the role of Cameron. You know, I’ll tell you the thing that I – wow – you’ve actually stumped me a little bit, I got to be honest. I’m not sure if that means there’s just so much or I’m just drawing a blank. Bu, it’s – I’m going to not skirt around the question. But it’s been a really job to do this character, I have to be honest. You know, from the onset, he’s just been an interesting challenge.

You know, I think like most people, you know, the idea of you know, being a part of this group as he was doing and all of these different things. I’m going to step outside of the character itself and be like, you know as far as the work goes, I really – the most insightful thing I’ve learned about myself is how important it is to work with great people.

I mean, I love going to work every day and it’s not always like that in this industry. Not to burst the bubble. But, I love going to work with the people I work with, the case the crew, the writers, the producers, the director. We have been very, very fortunate to have such a great group. So I think one of the most insightful nuggets I’ve taken from the character is more on the work side and strangely enough, just how important it is to surround yourself with people you really – life’s too short. So surround yourself with people that you enjoy being with. It’s really been an incredible couple year. It’d be really fortunate if it continues but if form some reason it wouldn’t too, I could say that it’s been a really nice, really special couple years.

Since Rosen and Cameron are both so personally affected, do they bond over Dani’s deception about giving information to Stanton?

Warren Christie: Oh, you’re going to see a few different things come out of it between the two of them specifically. You know, it’s a tough thing because, obviously, I can’t give too much away about what goes down.

Yes, but the way things happen and what happens the next few episodes, Rosen and Cameron, specifically, are going to be changed forever. Their relationship, who they are, all these different things, their agendas because of the fallout. What’s going to happen is going to be fairly large and we’re going to see their relationship change multiple times over a short span.

Yes, it’s a lot to take in. You know, you’re talking about, you know, your daughter and you’re talking about the girl who, you know, Hicks has fallen in love with. And so when you have that emption attached to something and then you have this, you know, betrayal, however you want to discuss it, come out and then there’s going to be other things that follow from it. I think the effects are quite large.

Do you have a favorite guest star that you’ve gotten to work with?

Warren Christie: Oh, that’s like asking me to pick my favorite child.

Every parent has a favorite child.

Warren Christie: Yes, you know – yes, let’s not lie about it. Oh man, everyone’s, you know so unique and so interesting that comes int. I think that…

How about if you’ve gotten to work with one more than another. Does that help?

Warren Christie: Yes, that definitely helps.

So that way I can judge them.

Well, you know, I haven’t worked with Lauren Holly much but I’ve chatted with her. We have a mutual friend and she’s very, very sweet, but I haven’t work with her. And then I can’t – I mean, I can’t tell if it’s something I’m going to be giving away but I don’t think so. Because if I remember the last episode, there was a quick clip of someone’s face.

Yes, in Stanton’s memory.

Warren Christie: In his memory.

Sean Astin?

Warren Christie: Okay. So it’s out there.

And if it’s not, you just ruined it. So…

If they’re not, they weren’t watching it close enough.

Warren Christie: That’s it. But as long as all the blame’s on you, I’m comfortable now.

He and I have a bunch of stuff that comes up in the further. I think most people know, I mean, he came out at Comic-Con. So, he’s going to do a couple of episodes and he and I our paths cross quite a bit. And he’s just a very, very cool guy. He’s very funny. Incredibly, incredibly sweet. Very fun to work with, just likes coming to work and bring that energy with them. So, you know, he’s just a fun guy to be around and we had a lot of fun doing the stuff we did and we were in a couple of what commonly would be described as remote locations. And so, the last thing you want to be is stuck out there with some, you know, boring guy.

But he was great and we had a lot of fun. And then like, you know, to go back to a question had earlier, you know, Pype – John Pyper-Ferguson, he is going to show up more and we’re going to get to interact with him and, you know, he’s nice. You know, at this point, he’s not a guest star popping in, you know, but he’s someone that is always great to be across from.

… we’ve had a lot really great people come in and we’re fortunate, you know, in that way just as we were in the first season that people want to come to our show and they want to have -you know, I think we have a fun show at the end of the day and I think hopefully that draws more people to it.

You just talked a lot about the guest starts that have been on. Is there anybody that you’d like to see that you haven’t that you’d like to work with on the show?

Warren Christie: Oh, man, I mean, there’s so many different people. I mean, I don’t really know. I know, you know, what is interesting because I think that I would have to hear a power first and then be like, oh that, you know what I mean, like an ability. I like the abilities that we bring out and then, you know, seeing how people mix to it. But who I’d like to see, oh man…

Any number of people that could come and do main scenes. You know what, I’ll do this instead, I’ll go back and tell you who I thought was really great in the first season … Brent Spiner to me I thought was great. I thought he was incredible with the episode he did and he’s just the nicest man on the planet. So when he came in he was just super sweet and I thought he had the – really cool ability and all this other stuff. So he was one of my favs. How’s that for avoiding a question.

He was great. Yes and then he was just such a nice guys, like, he’s amazing. We ran into him at Comic Con and chatted with him a little bit and he’s just so sweet.

What’s something that maybe if you were to write it, you’d like to see happen for Cameron in the future? Even if it’s something that wouldn’t, just, you know, what you’d like to see.

Warren Christie: Right. Well, it’s interesting because I know how the rest of the season goes down so my answer would be a little different from what – because where he – where we’re at now from the first half of the season to where we end up … But, you know, I know where things are going with Cameron the second half. You know, in a couple of episodes let’s just say there is something that is going alter the fabric of all of the characters in a certain way. Change agenda, change ideals and so I know where things end up. I’ve been really happy with the progression of Cameron from episode one to, you know, the end of season two. I’ve been fortunate to have a lot of different things and the next episode, like I said, there’s a lot of stuff with my son, which I’ve always felt was very important to be sure we portray that side of it. And so I’ve been really fortunate with it and I know where he ends up at the end of this season. And where we’re going to pick up, hopefully, you know, if there is another season. We’re all going to be in very strange place. I’d like to continue to make sure that he’s fixing the relationship this time. I think it’s an important part of who he is. And, you know, I think everyone will tell you the same thing, we just want to see them grow and try and, you know, live the best lives they can. And as silly as that sound but, because of their drawbacks and abilities we’ve seen, they – I think that those are the things we’re going to love to see, you know, as things go forward.

Would you personally like your kid to have an Alpha ability or would that be like a bad thing?

Warren Christie: That’s a good question

You know, I think me personally, you know, if it’s – it’s a toss up, I would say because, you know, you want people to understand that being different and being special is being unique and being beautiful. You know, but it’s tough on kids.

You know, I don’t what it’d be like to see a child going through like feeling different or ostracized in any way. But I think that the kid that, you know, get through this and has, you know, the feeling of being different and all these different things, I think the kid that get through this with a great friend, family and all these different things. These are the kinds that when, you know, the fog clears and you see them, they’re these brilliant, beautiful special people. A, people of what they’ve gone through and A, because of what makes them unique and what makes them special. It’s tough nowadays and I think with kids they have an idea of blending in. You know, you don’t want to stick out, you don’t want to be, you know, but it’s…

And it’s tough and it’s really tough. But I think that these kids who make it through and who deal with this and you really, really own who they are these – everyone is special in their own way and the ability to stand out is never something that should be hidden, you know.

So when you look at it from that viewpoint, you know, you would like to think that some – you would want them to have this ability. You know, every – all these kids are special in their own way and you want to make sure that they really own it. And then when they come out the other side they’re just – they’re phenomenal people, I think.

I’d like to hope.

Your wife Sonya also has a remarkable science fiction filmography and you both did episodes of Supernatural. Have you worked together and would you like her to guest start on Alphas?

Warren Christie: We – yes, I’d love to see her on Alphas. She’s incredibly talented. She’s the talented one in the duo. She’s great and I’d love to see her to come on Alphas. She’s beautiful, she’s talented and I think, you know, if you find the right character, she could really blow it out of the water.

We – I’m trying to think if we’ve worked together. We kind of worked together early, early on. We both first started acting not necessary worked together but we were on the same kind of cheesy movie of the week and that’s through a friend how we originally met. And then on Super Natural, we did it years apart…a few year apart because that show’s been on for 25 years, I think. But, yes, we haven’t really worked tighter too much but, I think it would be great to see her hop on our show, you know. If we’re fortunate to go forward, she – I think she could bring a lot to a character.

Not all couples enjoy that process of working together. But that’s nice to hear that you would.

Warren Christie: I think so. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I mean, it could be absolutely horrible. I could be totally wrong, you know. I’m assuming it would be great, I think, like most couples going into it and then, uh, who knows what happens but…


Did you grow up enjoying comic books and if so, who were some of your favorite super heroes?

Warren Christie: Oh, yes, I mean, I collected comic books like crazy when I was young. I was big into X-Men. For me, it was the one, you know, it was the first one I fell in love with and it was the one I collected or years and years and years. And, you know, Wolverine, you know, obviously, everybody loves that character. I really loved Gambit and I used to watch, you know, a lot of cartoons when I was younger.

And you know, I actually do own one comic still as an adult. I don’t know if most of you out there know this but, I’m Canadian, born in Ireland, raised in Canada. And I have Episode 1 from, I believe it’s 1975 of a comic book called Captain Canuck. It’s a very little know, I think, comic book that was created up here in Canada. I’m assuming as our answer to, like, Capitan America, something like that, but I tracked it down years ago kind of a little bit of fun nostalgia. So I still do own the one comic book, Captain Canuck.

It must be nice for you since you’re sort of working on the TV version of the X-Men.

Warren Christie: Yes, you know, I mean, that’s the thrill of it and I love those movies. We’re a different breed and I think obviously on that show and I think that, you know, a season a half in we have set ourselves apart from some other…

Yes. We’ve kind of taken – we, you know, when you said early one, we’re not trying to reinvent the wheel, we’re just trying to put our own place in it and I think we’ve done that to a certain extent and hopefully separated ourselves from certain shows in the past and certain movies. But yes, there’s always going to be, you know, certain comparisons. And as long as they’re to great things like that, you know, I think we’re all quite fine with it.

What been your favorite scene to film this season?

Warren Christie: Favorite one to shoot this season? Up till now I’ll talk about because I’ve got some coming up that I’m really happy – I’m really happy about the stuff I think that came out in the next episode you’ll see some stuff with my son. You know, it’s a nice departure for Cameron and gets to show another side to him.

You know, there’s always – the stunt with catching Laura, who played Nina, off the building was a trip. Like, things like that are always fun and then I don’t know. You know, when you’ve done a season, it kind of blends together. Not to take anything away from it at all but, like I said, we have a nice group that we laugh alt and we have a lot of fun.

So, you know, I can honestly, and not even lie and say to you that I don’t remember one day coming home from work and being like uh, work, that was terrible. And that’s a nice thing because it truly is not always like that.

So, no matter who you’re showing up to work with on any given day, you know you’re going to have a good time and we have a phenomenal crew in Toronto. Most of the people we have from last year came back second season and it’s your family. I mean, you’re with them 14 hours a day.

It becomes your family and so, we’ve been fortunate from day one just to have a lot of fun. So it’s a – you know, I think it’s a fun show to show. It should be a fun show to shoot. And if it gets to some point where it’s not, then we’re doing something wrong. So, so far, you know, knock on wood.

Do you ever return to Belfast or any part of Ireland in general to look up your roots?

Warren Christie: No, I haven’t been back. Oh man, I haven’t been back in 18 years, if you can believe it. The last time I went back there was 18 year ago. I went back with my father and we – he, you know, wanted to make sure I understood where I was from and stuff. And I was actually supposed to go back at the end of Alphas this year, I was going to fly there with, again, with my dad and we – and my brother in law and we were going to do a bit of a golfing tour of Belfast.

It had been so long and we were desperate to get back and unfortunately, work went a big longer and then some other commitments came up and it fell apart. But, it’s been 18 years but I can tell you, I am desperate to get back there. I would love to get back there.

What did you take away from your experience filming Apollo 18?

Warren Christie: Oh, what did I take away from that? Don’t ever wear a space suit because they are heavy and backbreaking. That – yes, that was a – that was probably, strange enough, one of the toughest physical shoots I’ve ever been around and emotionally. And it was, you know, we shot it in X amount of days and it was very, very high paced and a lot of stuff. And those suits are heavy. They’re ridiculously heavy and – but every day, you know, you wake – I would wake up and something else would hurt and, you know, you splash some water on your face and you shake it off and you get back at it.

It was a really intense challenge. It was one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done and Lloyd Owen, who I worked with, was phenomenal. And we would have literally moments where we were bent over in pain in these suits laughing because you get past the point and you just get to hysteria because it’s so wild. But, again, it has to do with the work and the people you work with. The director was great and we had a nice crew. And, you know, Lloyd and I, we had to laugh or we would’ve cried some days.

But, you know, and I had the good fortune to also get inundated with a lot of information that I didn’t know really about, you know, all the Apollos. We watched a lot of documentaries. We had the good fortune to speak to a lot of different people about it. And it was eye opening, to say the least. So I think the true historical side of that was – I mean, it crazy. It was really crazy, but again, one of the most challenging things I’ve ever been a part of but something that at the end of the day, we were really proud of and – what we were able to pull together. So, you know.

What was it like filming the action comedy This Means War and do you like action or comedic elements best?

Warren Christie: This Means War was great. I mean, it was a lot of fun, you know. I popped in in a small role and it was a really fun one, I mean, I got to say. Reese Witherspoon was beyond sweet and she’s very funny. You know, she’s just incredibly talented and she’s very sweet. And, you know, and lovely to everybody, I mean, it’s really nice.

In the middle of the stuff, I was doing with her and also with Chris Pine who’s also a really great guy and it was fun. It was just nice to do something – hang on a second. There’s a massive helicopter coming over me. I’m not sure if you can hear me. How dare they, right in the middle of an interview.

The nerve of some people with their helicopters. Yes, no, it was a lot of fun and it was a nice change from, you know, it was a comedy and get to play around and have fun and McG the director was really big on just having – he would just yell things for you to say from the, you know, [side]. It was a really fun change from what I was used to. But I’ve got just such a soft spot for the action. You know, I love the stunts. I love that side of things. You know, there’s a physical challenge to it that, you know, I don’t know if you [will see more of] it down the road. I might not be able to pull it off as well, so I might as well try to enjoy it while I can.

But that’s really where my heart lies. I love doing it but I got to say … it was a lot of fun and everyone was really great. And you see it all coming together and how they work together and it was really – it was a fun this because, like, I don’t do a lot of comedy but it was a nice break.

Since you said that you have a soft spot for action, what make you stretch your acting chops more, the actions, the thrillers or comedies?

Warren Christie: Oh, man, probably comedy I would think. You know, there’s a very specific way to do comedy and there’s different types of comedy. You know, whether it be a sitcom, whether it be, you know, with an audience, with a single came or whether it be a movie like that. They’re just – there’s a very specific gift. It’s a really gift that some people have, so for me it’s more along the lines I don’t do it very often. It’s not really where most of my care has not really been in that vein. But, so I think that when you do something like that it’s a little outside the box for you, it’s a challenge. It’s a fun challenge. I mean, you get to try and be funny and maybe fall on your face and do even more things. And I would say there’s the challenge of it because let me tell you, when you make a joke and nobody laughs, you notice.

What juicy tips, if any, did you pick up from working with Chris Pine and Reese Witherspoon?

Warren Christie: Oh, well, between the two of them. You know, Reese and I had a couple more scenes together. She’s, like I said, she’s incredibly sweet but she’s a pro man, I mean, I just don’t know how to say it. I mean, she was also producer on the movie so, to see her switch hats back and forth was very impressive. To see her have the ability to flip that switch and be right there, you know, in the scenes and she’s just very funny. And she just – she’s so cute, right off the bat, you know, but she was so funny it and she’s so sweet but she’s a pro. I mean, she’s just – she’s on it, she’s got her producer hat on when she needs to be, doing all this stuff So she’s a really – her worth ethic was, you know, ridiculously high.

And then Chris is just a really sweet guy and he was very, you know, passionate about what he’s doing. You could see it and he was having a lot of fun with it. Like, he seemed like he’s a really fun guy. And, you know, I only had the one scene with him but you could see him – he’s a hard worker and he cares a lot about what he’s doing and he really want to get it right and collaborate with, you know, director back and forth. So, you know, they’re two pros who were great to work across them.

Could you talk about your work on True Justice, which recently aired on Reelz?

Warren Christie: Yes, I mean, it was – I kind of popped in and out on it. You know, I did a couple episodes and then I was gone, then I came back, that stuff. But, we had a really, really great crew, really nice group of people but it was, you know, made on a certain, you know, budget. So, yeah, you’re jam packing everything you possibly can. And I mean, the show, it is what it is. It’s an action show and that’s, you know, Steven Seagal’s, you know, calling card and what he does obviously is the action. So, yes, we packed as much guns an fights and all those things into, you know, 60 minutes as much as we could.

It reminded me of  the 70s and early 80s action series where you knew what you were signing up for and just go with it.

Warren Christie: Exactly. I mean, you know, you’re tuning in into, you know what you’re going to get. And you can sit there and watch a marathon like you did and guilt free and just kind of, you know, take it for what it is. But it was a fun group and, again, you know, I got to do a lot of stunts and shoot a lot of guns so I was just like a big kid running around. So it’s nothing wrong with that at the end of the day.

Have you had any time since you broke from the second season to do any other pick up projects yet that we can look for you in?

Warren Christie: Ah, you know what, I actually just hopped on to do an episode of the new CW show, Arrow.

Can you tell us about who you’re playing in it?

Warren Christie: Not really. Just because, yes, they don’t think they’re very – they’re quite hush, hush on everything in general and I don’t want to be that one guy. You know, I just – I honestly, I just popped in to do an episode, I just wrapped it yesterday. It’s a great group and I think – it seems like it’s going to be a really cool show. And it was fun. It was a fun thing to do so I can’t talk – like I said, I can’t really talk about it. Other than, I did it, so there’s a horrible interview.