Syfy Press Tour 2012 – Part 2 – DEFIANCE Set Visit

Nov 13, 2012 Posted by in Features, Set Visit | 3 comments

In Part 1 of my coverage of the 2012 Syfy Digital Press Tour, I talked about the Welcome Dinner. In this part, I will discuss our visit to the set of the upcoming Syfy series Defiance.

Defiance is a unique venture for Syfy as it is both a TV series and a video game. Defiance is set in the near future, where six races of aliens have come to Earth after their solar system was destroyed. The races must learn to work and live together in order to survive.

While the TV series takes place in St. Louis, the video game takes place in San Francisco. However, characters will be introduced in the game and then make their way into the TV series, and vice-versa. While folks could just play the MMO game or just watch the series, those that do both will get an enriched experience as events from one will effect events in the other.

Both the video game and the TV series will be released in April 2013. More information on the series and game can be found at


Monday, October 15

8:00am Group gathers in Park Hyatt hotel lobby
8:15am Buses leave hotel and travel to Defiance studio
9-9:30am Arrive at Studio and enter at side of the building going directly to the lunch room, where breakfast will be served.
Steve Geaghan (production designer) and Kevin Murphy (executive producer/showrunner) welcome guests. Concept art will be arranged about the room.
9:30-10:30am Set tour conducted by Steve Geaghan and Kevin Murphy

We were running a bit late getting from the hotel to the set, so when we got there we only had about 10 minutes to eat. So I immediately jumped in the food line and grabbed some breakfast. Shortly afterwards, we were broken up into three groups for the set tour. My group was led by Defiance executive producer/showrunner Kevin Murphy who started our tour by walking us around the lunch room, discussing all of the concept art that was covering the walls.