Syfy Press Tour 2012 – Part 3 – WAREHOUSE 13 Set Visit

Nov 14, 2012 Posted by in Features, Set Visit | 2 comments

This is the final part of my coverage of the 2012 Syfy Digital Press Tour. In Part 1, I talked about the Welcome Dinner with the casts of Being Human and Haven. In Part 2, I talked about our visit to set of the upcoming Syfy series Defiance. In this post, I will talk about our visit to the set of Warehouse 13.

2:00pm Arrive at Cinespace studio.
Group is welcomed by Jack Kenny (exec producer/showrunner) and Franco de Cotiis (production designer)
2:00pm-2:30pm Set tour conducted by Jack Kenny and Franco de Cotiis

When we arrived at the studio, we were greeted with a coffee cart with a selection of fresh brewed coffee and fresh basked cookies. Then we split into two groups to see a live set for the episode they were currently filming. On our way to the set, we passed through the lunch room where the entire cast and crew were eating.

Jack Kenny gave us a tour of the set, which was some sort of hidden treasure room under Niagara Falls for an upcoming pirate-themed episode. It is amazing to see all the detail they put into this set that is only going to be used for the one episode.