If We Controlled Your Remote… 2/25/16

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Tonight BBC America brings the BAFTA award winning drama Prey to the US. The series has already run for two seasons in the UK. Each 3-episode season follows a different case being investigated by Detective Sergeant Susan Reinhardt (Rosie Cavaliero, A Young Doctor’s Notebook) of the Manchester Metropolitan Police Department, and both of these cases revolve around possible corruption within the force.

In the first case, which kicks off tonight, well-liked Detective Constable Marcus Farrow (John Simm, Life on Mars) finds his wife and son murdered and all evidence points towards him. Marcus escapes custody and goes on the run trying to clear his name, resorting to extreme measures and criminal behavior in order to do so. The only people he can trust are best friend DI Sean Devlin (Craig Parkinson, Misfits) and boss DCI Andrea Mackenzie (Anastasia Hille, You, Me and the Apocalypse)….

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