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Strawberry Shortcake is a series that my daughters enjoy whenever we happen to catch an episode or three (usually courtesy of one of FOX’s episode bundle DVD releases). When the opportunity came to check out a new compilation of episodes titled “Berry Bake Shop”, we leaped at the chance. You see, my just turned six year-old daughter dreams of owning and running her very own bake shop when she grows up, so I thought this would be perfect for her.

Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Bake Shop contains three episodes from the third season of the Strawberry Shortcake’s Berry Bitty Adventures animated TV series:

  • “Berry Lucky Day” – Season 3, Episode 10

    The adorable puppies (which were introduced at the beginning of the season) have run amok, and caused a lot of damage around town. The girls decide to build a dog park to try to contain the puppies and enlist the help of both the Huckleberry to help the Berrykins build it. Huckleberry reluctantly agrees to help them out but is too embarrassed to admit it that he is a terrible builder. However, when Huckleberry finds a lucky charm his confidence is boosted and seemingly so are his construction skills. Unfortunately the good luck charm actually belongs to Cherry, who lost it, and who is now unable to hit her high notes without it. Soon both Huckleberry and Cherry learn that it’s not the ‘good luck charm’ that is responsible for increasing their abilities, but rather patience, practice and confidence in themselves.

  • “A Basket of Blue Berries” – Season 3, Episode 12

    When Blueberry invites Huckleberry to the masquerade ball, he agrees to go only if Blueberry doesn’t leave his side so that he doesn’t have to dance with anyone. However, just before the ball, Lemon and Raspberry hear that Blueberry has gotten sick and won’t be able to attend. Not wanting to let down Huckleberry, each independently (and unbeknownst to the other) disguise themselves as Blueberry. What neither of them know is that thanks to Strawberry’s tea, Blueberry gets better and goes to the ball. The presence of three Blueberries at the ball causes your typical comedic confusion, until everything is sorted out.

  • “The Berry, Biggest, Berry Baddest Bakeoff” – Season 3, Episode 13

    This humorous episode starts with Berrykin Bloom growing a new fruit that’s a combination of watermelon, pineapple and strawberry. When the girls hear that Princess Berrykin will be having a ceremony to celebrate Berrykin Bloom’s achievement, they agree that they will each bake special cupcakes for him. Due to a series of comical misunderstandings, what starts out as baking normal sized cupcakes quickly becomes a competition with each girl trying to outdo each other with ginormous, ornate person-sized confections.

What’s Included:


    • 480p Anamorphic Widescreen 1.78:1
    • Audio: English Surround Dolby Digital 5.1, Spanish Surround Dolby Digital 2.0
    • 3 episodes of the series (66 min)
    • “Berry Lucky Day”, “A Basket of Blue Berries”, “The Berry, Biggest, Berry Baddest Bakeoff”
    • English SDH, Spanish subtitles
    • Closed Captioned

    Digital Copy:

    • UltraViolet Digital Copy redeemable via Vudu (Redemption Deadline 12/31/2018)
      While the package says “Digital HD”, the code only redeemed in SD on Vudu


  • “Berry Fun” Printable Recipes

Final Thoughts:

My Rating

This DVD was originally released last October as a Walmart exclusive, but now it is available at all retailers. Last October I reviewed the Digital HD release of this title, so this is an update to my original review to include information about the DVD-specific features.

The DVD combo pack includes both the DVD and a code to get the digital release. If you have a choice, I would definitely go for this combo pack over just the digital release as the DVD can come in handy, plus the bright pink DVD case is even scented like strawberries.

As for what I didn’t cover in the previous review, the video and audio quality on the DVD is excellent. It looks crystal clear and sounds great. I’m not sure that my daughters could even tell the difference, and having the DVD is convenient because now we can easily pop this in our minivan for road trips.

The only extra included on the DVD are six fun, kid-friendly recipes that even young children can make at home with just a little help from their parents.

The recipes include: