If We Controlled Your Remote… 4/8/16

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Last week Banshee returned to kick off its fourth and final season on Cinemax. In an unusual move, the series took an 18-month time jump, and in that period, Lucas had become a recluse, squatting in a remote cabin belonging to Kai Proctor! Lucas was forced to come out of seclusion, clean up, and reenter society when Rebecca’s dead body washed ashore. After Sheriff Brock gave Lucas a tour of the newly-renovated police station, he told him that he and Kai Proctor—who is now the mayor—were both suspects. Lucas decided to look into who really killed Rebecca, which was going to be a tough task—while he was never really the sheriff, at least in the past he would have had the department resources to help him out on things like this. Meanwhile Carrie was having her own issues—her husband died at the end of last season, and shortly afterwards Social Services took away her children, and now she has to deal with court-mandated therapy sessions in order to get them back. We also learned that reformed neo-Nazi Kurt Bunker was still working for the Banshee PD, and that he was secretly sleeping with his brother’s wife. And finally, we still don’t know where Job ended up after he was taken in last season’s finale

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