If We Controlled Your Remote… 4/25/16

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Tonight AMC’s Revolutionary War Spy Drama TURN: Washington’s Spies returns for its third season. When we last left off, Hewlett had ordered Abe to compile his final New York spy report for John André, but Abe was afraid he’d see right through a false report. He tried to get Anna’s help to lure Hewlett into a trap so he could assassinate him, but she refused. So Abe delivered his report to Hewlett and then shot the man he handed it off to before he could deliver it to John André. But as Abe removed the report from the body, he was abducted by Robert Rogers, who told him he knew the identity of everyone in the Culper Ring, and vowed to use Abe to get his revenge on André. Meanwhile Washington discovered the traitors in his camp and stopped them before they could report back the identity of the Culper Ring spies; Peggy discovered Benedict Arnold had threatened her father in order to obtain permission to marry her and asked if they could postpone the wedding until her older sister is married; and André’s servant Abigail was reunited with her son Cicero, which made her reconsider spying for the Patriots

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