If We Controlled Your Remote… 4/27/16

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The Americans is such an amazing show that more people need to be watching. Last week, things got really intense. Philip suspected that Martha’s cover had been blown and that the feds had discovered that she was the rat in their organization. So he immediately took her to a safe house, where Gabriel was waiting to watch over her. “Clark” revealed the truth about him being KGB to Martha and tried to comfort her, but she was devastated. And Gabriel and Elizabeth were shocked and upset at the news that Philip had previously revealed his true physical appearance to Martha. Meanwhile, Martha’s sudden disappearance from work and her clearing out of her home only intensified Stan and Agent Aderholt’s suspicions of her, which they brought to Agent Gaad, who felt betrayed by his longtime employee. The next day, Martha was so fed up that she stormed out of the safe house. Gabriel went after her, quietly pleading with her to return, but she threatened to scream that he was KGB if he came any closer

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