If We Controlled Your Remote… 5/3/16

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On last week’s episode of The Flash, Barry had to readjust to life without his powers, and was quickly reminded of how slow things move for regular human beings. He soon found his situation even more difficult when a powerful Meta Human kidnapped Doctor Wells–thinking he was his Earth-1 persona–and threatened to kill him unless Wells reversed the effects of the particle accelerator explosion. Cisco managed to reinforce Barry’s suit to make it strong enough to withstand a Meta Human attack, and the group managed to rescue Harrison. Wells now recognized the urgency for Barry to regain his powers and decided that recreating the particle accelerator explosion would be the solution. Meanwhile, on Earth-2, Killer Frost convinced Caitlin to help her escape from her cell, and then thanked her by trying to kill her. Zoom stopped this just in time, killing Killer Frost and threatening to do the same to Caitlin if she assisted the man in the iron mask in escaping from his own cell. Afterwards, Zoom decided it was time to conquer Earth-1, and sped off with Caitlin in his arms

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