If We Controlled Your Remote… 5/6/16

May 06, 2016 Posted by in External Contributions | Comments

Tonight the four remaining Amazing Race teams battle it out to see who will compete in the final leg of the race. Last week the teams headed to Indonesia, where they had to snorkel to find their first clue, but the cylindrical clue container threw the Dancers off and put them far behind. For the Detour the teams had to choose between canoeing for seaweed or carrying coconuts and birds across a rickety bridge. All the teams went with the latter, and it was a mad rush as there was a Double U-Turn ahead. Tyler and Korey were first to finish and U-Turned Kurt and Brodie. The Gamers arrived second and they U-Turned Tyler and Korey so that the Frisbee guys would not be able to force anyone else into joining them for both tasks. This turned out to be enough to cause Kurt and Brodie to come in last and get eliminated.

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