If We Controlled Your Remote… 5/25/16

May 25, 2016 Posted by in External Contributions | Comments

Tonight, FOX is taking viewers back to that creepy town of Wayward Pines, as some new residents are starting to wake up to discover all is not as it seems. As the first season came to a close, David Pilcher decided that Group B had failed his social experiment and that it was time to burn things to the ground and start anew. So he turned off all of the power, allowing the blood-thirsty Abbies to climb over the wall and clean up the “mess.” The aftermath left many dead, including David Pilcher and Ethan Burke—the man who helped open people’s eyes to what was truly going on in the town. Kate Hewson, the woman behind the revolt, managed to survive, along with Pilcher’s henchwomen Nurse Pam and Megan Fisher. It seemed like things might take a turn for the better now that Philcher was out of the picture, but the show then cut to three years later, where Ben Burke, Ethan’s son, awoke from a coma to discover that the first generation of native-born Wayward Pines teenagers had taken over control of the town and were governing it using the same fear and denial tactics that Pilcher had.

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