If We Controlled Your Remote… 10/13/16

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Tonight, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow returns for its second season on The CW. As the first season came to a close, the group finally managed to put an end to Vandal Savage’s evil plan to conquer the world by killing him simultaneously in three different time periods – Mick and Ray took him out in 1958; Sara, Jax, and Professor Stein in 1975; and Carter, Hunter, and Kendra in 2021. However, even with Savage gone, there was still an explosive meteor to contend with, and so Hunter used the Waverider to fly the meteor into the sun but miraculously managed to survive himself. As the team reconvened in 2016, Kendra and Carter decided to head off on their own to give their relationship a go. But soon after they left, a second Waverider crashed down in front of the team, and out stepped Rex Tyler (Patrick J. Adams, Suits), who warned the group that they will die if they get back on board

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