If We Controlled Your Remote… 10/16/16

Oct 17, 2016 Posted by in External Contributions | Comments

Tonight, Jane the Virgin returns for its third season. When we last left off, Jane and Michael had finally gotten married, but before they could consummate their union, Michael was shot. It turned out that Susanna was the mole and that she was actually Rose in disguise! Meanwhile, we discovered that it was Petra who was actually in the hospital, unable to speak – her twin sister Anezka had taken her place and slept with Rafael. And Xo discovered she was pregnant, but it’s unlikely that Rogelio is the father. Will Michael survive? Will Petra no longer be Petra-fied? And how will Rogelio react to the news that Xo is pregnant—especially if the baby is not his? I’m really happy that this series is back. It is always so much fun with its rapid, soapy twists and turns

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