If We Controlled Your Remote… 10/21/16

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Tonight, The CW’s musical comedy, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, returns for its second season. When the first season left off, Paula was extremely disappointed that Rebecca had lied to her about sleeping with Greg – especially with everything she had done to help Rebecca try to win over Josh. Rebecca asked Greg to go with her to Josh’s sister’s wedding (ignoring the fact that she had been uninvited). At the wedding, Josh told Rebecca she looked beautiful but then warned her about Greg’s dark side. Greg’s insecurity and his plentiful drinking at the wedding caused him to misread some glances between Rebecca and Josh, and he thought Rebecca was planning to break up with him. Josh went home to sleep it off. Meanwhile Valencia tried to pressure Josh to propose at the wedding, but when she realized he was still into Rebecca, she called it quits. Outside, Josh confessed his love for Rebecca, and they finally kissed. Rebecca was so happy that she accidentally dropped her guard and told Josh the stalkery truth about her move to West Covina—and he looked totally freaked out.

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