If We Controlled Your Remote… 11/22/16

Nov 22, 2016 Posted by in External Contributions | Comments

Last week, MTV kicked off its new dark comedy, Sweet/Vicious. Jules (Eliza Bennett, Strike Back, Broadchurch) seems like your typical blonde sorority girl, but she is secretly leading a double life. At night Jules dons a mask and meters out her own form of vigilante justice against those guilty of sexual assault on the Darlington College campus. In last week’s premiere, computer-hacking weed dealer Ophelia (Taylor Dearden, 101 Ways to Get Rejected) discovered Jules’s secret and started following her. One night when Ophelia saw Jules in trouble, she stepped in to help, accidentally killing former star athlete/major assault suspect Carter Fischer with a wrench. The girls hid the body in the trunk of their car and headed to a bar talk about what to do next. While there, they ran into nice guy Tyler (Nick Fink, [email protected]), who Jules had recently met at a party, only to discover that the dead body in their car belonged to Tyler’s stepbrother

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