If We Controlled Your Remote… 12/18/16

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Tonight, the first season of USA Network’s crime drama Eyewitness comes to a close. Last week, things got really tense—Lukas survived being shot but was in a coma. Ryan tried to poison Lukas’s IV bag in order to finally silence him, but Lukas was moved to another room before the bag was attached. Ryan was also surprised to learn that Philip, Helen’s foster son, was another witness to his murders. Meanwhile, Philip recognized Ryan at a gas station and alerted Helen (though neither was aware that he is the FBI agent she has been working with). Things went into high alert at the hospital, and Helen called Ryan to help protect the boys. However, shortly afterwards she finally had her Keyser Söze moment—in Ryan’s glove compartment she found the cologne worn by the killer, and in the backseat she saw the hat and glasses Philip said the killer was wearing. Her heart sank as she realized that she had just told the killer exactly where the boys were hiding

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