If We Controlled Your Remote… 1/13/17

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Last week, we got a double-dose of new episodes of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Paula learned that her husband slept with another woman and kicked him out, so Rebecca offered to babysit her son Tommy as a way to prove to Paula that she wasn’t always selfish. However, Rebecca’s lack of experience with kids was immediately evident. At the same time, Josh’s girlfriend dumped him after seeing his attempt to model clothes—and Josh finally realized that Rebecca was the person who truly loved and cared for him. As Rebecca and Josh were busy exploring their new love, Darryl sold the law firm to new boss Nathaniel (Scott Michael Foster, Greek, Chasing Life), who threatened layoffs unless Rebecca and the others could drum up $250K in new business. This, of course, set everyone into full panic mode. Meanwhile, Nathaniel started to get into Rebecca’s head—making her doubt her relationship with Josh and question his intelligence—which caused her to mess up an important dinner with Josh’s parents

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