If We Controlled Your Remote… 2/16/17

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NBC’s Superstore is always one of the highlights of my Thursday night TV watching. Last week it was Valentine’s Day at Cloud 9, and Amy and Glenn tried to play matchmaker for Myrtle, but their attempts to set her up with another elderly employee resulted in a sexual harassment investigation. Meanwhile, Garrett learned about Mateo’s secret relationship with Jeff and tried to push his jealousy over Sandra’s pretend relationship to the boiling point. And Jonah went undercover to help Dina catch a shoplifter, but he ended up falling for his mark. So Dina made sure to burn that potential relationship to the ground by pretending that Jonah was the deadbeat father to her children. But in the end, Jonah was back to joking and having a good time with Amy as the two cleared the store of its Valentine’s Day decorations

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