If We Controlled Your Remote… 3/19/17

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Tonight, AMC’s martial arts drama, Into the Badlands, returns for its second season. As the first season came to a close, Sunny had become close with MK and didn’t want to kill the “Dark One,” so he tried to pass off another severed head as proof of death to the River King to get passage out of the Badlands. Elsewhere, Veil had been captured by the Widow, who was forcing her to tend to her wounds from an earlier battle with Sunny. At the same time, Quinn chained Sunny in the dungeon under the suspicion that he was the traitor to his father. As Quinn took MK to a brothel, they quickly realized that it was a trap – Jacoby was waiting to kill the boy, and so Quinn sliced the boy’s hand with his sword in order to activate his blood rage. While they were fighting, Sunny showed up and stabbed and seemingly killed Quinn. But the main event that was going on at the same time was interrupted when the Brothers showed up with their glowing fists, and they easily took charge of the waking up a prisoner on a boat heading to who-knows-where

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