If We Controlled Your Remote… 4/17/17

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Last week, Angie Tribeca returned to kick off its third season on TBS, and the series was back to its usual delightful mix of satire, sight gags, puns, and general hilarity. Angie retired from the force in order to “go balls deep” into motherhood with her newborn. However, she quickly realized that she couldn’t hack it and sent the baby sent off to boarding school, immediately resetting the series back to the status quo. Angie is now back at her old job, and she and Giles are looking into the case of a kidnapped trophy hunter. She soon realized they are dealing with a serial killer, and so she met with the Hannibal Lecter-like “Zookeeper,” Dr. Thomas Hornbine (played by guest star Chris Pine), in his prison cell to get some help with the case. But now this criminal is in her head, and she’s also becoming more and more obsessed with the serial killer they are looking for

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