BBC Reveals Identity of the 13th Doctor

Jul 16, 2017 Posted by in Other News | Comments

While I wish they had tried to keep the news a secret until the Doctor’s regeneration this winter, the BBC just revealed the latest actor who will take over Doctor Who‘s iconic role for the character’s thirteen incarnation as Peter Capaldi steps down this Christmas. Taking over the reins will be actress Jodie Whittaker, who recently appeared as Beth Latimer on three seasons of Broadchurch.

That’s right, the series will have its first female Doctor! This doesn’t really come as much surprise as the season finale pretty much spelled out that we were in for a woman this time around. While I think Whittaker is an excellent actress and have enjoyed her past work, I must admit that I’m a little disappointed by this turn of events as I don’t like such a major change to an iconic character that has been around for over 40 years. That said, I’m a fan of the show first, and am still looking forward to seeing what’s next as the series experiences a major reboot next season with new showrunners and a new cast.