Primetime Picks… 12/6/17

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Tonight Syfy kicks of the new dark comedy Happy!, based on the graphic novel of the same name. The series follows Nick Sax (Christopher Meloni, Law & Order: SVU) a drunk, disgraced ex super cop who now works as a hit man for hire. After a things go awry with one of his jobs, Nick finds himself the target of various criminal organizations, all of whom want him dead. One of the men looking for Nick is mobster Francisco Scaramucci (Ritchie Coster, Shades of Blue), known as Mr. Blue, who sends his demented henchman Smoothie (Patrick Fischler, Twin Peaks, Once Upon A Time) to capture and torture Sax. Mr. Blue also has leverage on members of the NYPD, including Det. Meredith McCarthy (Lili Mirojnick, Beerfest), who has a mysterious past with Sax. Meanwhile, a little girl named Hailey has been kidnapped and her mother Amanda (Medina Senghore) is desperately looking for answers. However, Hailey has sent her imaginary friend Happy (Patton Oswalt, The Goldbergs, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), a blue winged horse with a horn, to find Sax to help her. At first Sax thinks Happy is a delusion of his intoxication but soon realizes that this blue horse is “real”, and the two partner up.

Happy! certainly won’t appeal to all audiences, but I suspect those who do enjoy it, will love it. You can easily recognize the show’s graphic novel roots by the over-the-top sex, violence, language, blood and gore. For those not easily offended by these kinds of things, Happy! is a really fun show. Christopher Meloni is great with the deadpan humor, and the series has an interesting underlying story and some unique characters, along with lots of action and humor. Happy’s ever-cheerful attitude and aversion to bad language is a stark contrast to Sax’s foul mouth and gruff, violent, nothing-to-lose demeanor, and so the two play well off one another. Tonight’s premiere is worth checking out, with the caveats mentioned above.

In tonight’s premiere, “Saint Nick”, a hit-man is forced to partner with an imaginary blue-winged horse to rescue a missing child.

Tonight, I’ll also be watching/ recording The Goldbergs, Speechless, Modern Family, American Housewife, Designated Survivor, Survivor, Riverdale, Knightfall, MythBusters, and Mr. Robot.

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