Primetime Picks… 11/20/18

Nov 20, 2018 Posted by in Features | Comments

The Kids Are Alright continues to be one of the highlights of my Tuesdays. Last week, Eddie accidentally broke a bottle of champagne, spilling it all over his bedroom, so he asked his girlfriend Wendi to keep his mother Peggy distracted why he cleaned things up. Peggy, who had been listening outside the door, already knew what was going on, but she decided to have a little fun with the situation and test Wendi’s loyalties. As Peggy and Wendi went on a girls’ day out—which involved doing an updo-and-dash at a hair salon, and other questionably legal activities—Eddie enlisted the help of his brothers to clean things up. Some of them were more helpful than others—Frank, of course, was eager to tattle, and so he was tied to the clothesline. Meanwhile, the guys were also on the lookout for their father, Mike, who had accidentally left his lunch at home when he left for work, and could appear at any moment to retrieve it.

Not many comedies have me laughing out loud each week, but this one usually does. Having grown up with two brothers, I often find the show to be very relatable—I can definitely remember times when my brothers and I did something we shouldn’t have, and were rushing to clean things up before our parents’ returned home! I really enjoy the relationships and interactions between the brothers—though I must admit that I was the Frank in the family at times. While I find the series to be really funny, it especially shines whenever the story involves Peggy hatching some sort of scheme to test/catch her children in the act!

In tonight’s episode, “Boxing”, Timmy must choose between his dad’s dreams for him and his own dreams of showbiz glory; feeling rusty after being at the seminary for so long, Lawrence asks Eddie to help prepare him for a date by taking him on a practice date.

Tonight I’ll also be watching/recording The Final Table, blackish, The Rookie, This Is Us, The Flash, The Little Drummer Girl, Flipping Out, and The Guest Book.

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