Primetime Picks… 2/6/19

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Tonight the auditions continue on CBS’s new worldwide talent competition series The World’s Best—or The Globe’s Got Talent as it should be called. The series premiered this past Sunday after the Super Bowl, and the first international acts introduced included South Korean martial arts team Kukkiwon, young pop trio The TNT Boys from the Philippines, one-armed Japanese violinist Manami Ito, and an Australian sword swallower called the Space Cowboy. However, the biggest surprise of the night for me was Mongolian singer Enkh Erdene, who spoke no English in his interviews, but then took the stage and belted out a George Strait song in perfect English with a country twang. Afterwords, he admitted to host James Corden that he didn’t understand any of the words he was singing. The premiere episode ended with the clock ticking down as escape artist Matt Johnson from Great Britain was shackled inside a tank of water.

Tonight is part two of the auditions. The way it works is that the three judges Drew Barrymore, RuPaul, and Faith Hill—give each act a score between 1-50. There is also a wall of international judges—which basically looks like the Galactic Senate from Star Wars. These 50 international experts from all different countries and lines of work lines of work give a Yea or Nay as to whether they think an act should continue. The number of Yeas is added to the average score of the three judges, and if an act’s total score is 75 or more, it will proceed to the next round. The only act from the premiere that didn’t make it through was the sword swallower, which was admittedly hard to watch, so I wasn’t totally surprised when he didn’t continue. However, this doesn’t bode well for the escape artist who was left hanging, so to speak, for tonight’s episode. These judges seem to like the lighter, more uplifting acts rather than the scary, dangerous ones. I look forward to seeing what surprising new international acts—like Sunday’s Mongolian Cowboy—await as the auditions continue.

Tonight I’ll also be recording The Masked Singer, Schitt’s Creek, MythBusters Jr., The Magicians, Deadly Class, and I’m Sorry.

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