Primetime Picks… 2/12/19

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Tonight TBS kicks off the 7-episode limited comedy series Miracle Workers, which is based on the book “What in God’s Name” by Simon Rich (Man Seeking Woman). The series in set in the headquarters of Heaven, Inc. where everyone has pretty much given up on humanity. God (Steve Buscemi) has grown bored with his creation, and is upset that his number of fans has been steadily declining. Assistant Sanjay (Karan Soni, Deadpool) is getting increasingly frustrated with his omnipotent boss, especially when he announces that he is ready to just blow up the Earth and move on to a new venture/hobby.

The only person who seems to care is Eliza Hunter (Geraldine Viswanathan, Blockers)—she is tired of working in the Dept. of Dirt, and requests a transfer. She is excited to join the Dept. of Answered Prayers where she will be able to do some good. But when she arrives for her first day, she discovers only a single co-worker—low-level angel Craig (Daniel Radcliffe, Harry Potter), who seems content with just resolving few minor requests to find lost items, and marking the rest “impossible”, sending them up to the big boss, where they remain unanswered. Eliza is eager to actually make a difference, and when she learn’s of God’s plan to destroy Earth, she makes a bet with him—God will spare Earth if she and Craig are able to close one impossible prayer over the next 2 weeks. Their seemingly-impossible task? Helping humans Sam (John Bass, Baywatch, Big Time in Hollywood, FL) and Rosie (Lolly Adefope, Damned, Loaded) fall in love.

I really enjoyed tonight’s premiere (which TBS has made available online) and On Demand. It reminds me of The Good Place crossed with a workplace comedy, with some inspiration from series creator Simon Rich’s previous dating comedy Man Seeking Woman. I like that this is a short limited series, so it’s not going to be a huge time commitment, and we’ll likely get a complete story in just 7 episodes. The main cast is a lot of fun, and are joined by some great guest stars over the course of the series, including Tituss Burgess, Margaret Cho, Angela Kinsey, Tim Meadows, John Reynolds, and Chris Parnell. I look forward to seeing how the rest of the story plays out.

In tonight’s premiere, “2 Weeks”, frustrated with the mess that Earth’s become, God contemplates the end while two determined angels try to change his mind.

Tonight I’ll also be watching/recording American Housewife, The Kids Are Alright, blackish, The Rookie, This Is Us, and The Flash.

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