Primetime Picks… 3/7/19

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Tonight the NBC comedy A.P. Bio returns for its second season. Last season we were introduced to disgraced former Harvard Philosophy professor Jack Griffin, who had reluctantly moved back home to Toledo, Ohio, and took over as the Advanced Placement Biology teacher at Whitlock High School. However, Jack doesn’t actually do any teaching—he told his students that he will give them all A’s as long as they don’t report him. Instead, Jack is constantly putting his students to work to help carry out his own personal schemes, such as plotting ways to get revenge on the rival who stole his tenure. As the first season progressed, Jack’s projects also branched out into schemes involving some of his students’ personal lives. And while Jack continued to put on this rough, selfish exterior, it was clear that he was warming up to the students and actually cared about someone other than himself. The series also follows the misadventures of the rest of the school’s inept staff, including Principal Durbin (Patton Oswalt), secretary Helen (Paula Pell), and the rest of the staff.

The new season starts off with things pretty much the same, picking up in the same school year with Jack “teaching” the same class of students. Jack is once again enlisting his pupils to aid in his latest scheme that will hopefully allow him to quickly achieve financial and professional success, and get out of Toledo and back to the real world. Meanwhile, there’s plenty of other craziness ensuing in the main office and in teacher’s lounge.

In tonight’s premiere, “Happiness”, Jack tries to unlock the secret of what makes ordinary people happy, leading him to a new book idea that he believes will be his ticket out of Whitlock High and Toledo; Mary, Stef and Michelle celebrate a special day.


Also returning to NBC tonight, for the second half of its fourth season, is the hilarious Superstore. When we last left off, Dina had delivered the baby that she had been carrying for Gleenn and his wife, and now Glenn was dealing with the stress of being a new father. Meanwhile, Amy had been thinking of becoming a manager, and had asked Glenn for a recommendation for Cloud Nine’s management training program. He insisted that she go through his own unique training program first, which Amy initially scoffed at. However his unorthodox methods made Amy realize that she may have a few things to learn after all.

I didn’t realize how much I had missed this series until I watched tonight’s episode. This show always makes me laugh and tonight was no exception. I just love this amazingly talented ensemble cast. The writers are constantly finding fun new situations for the characters, and new and different ways to pair them up.

In tonight’s mid-season premiere, “Cloud 9 Academy”, Amy and Cheyenne attend Cloud 9 Academy to advance their careers; Dina and Garrett get roped into baby-sitting Glenn’s daughter while he childproofs his office; Jonah and Mateo become political activists.

Tonight I’ll also be watching/recording Grey’s Anatomy, The Big Bang Theory, Young Sheldon, Fam, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Will & Grace, Gotham, The Orville, The Other Two, and Flack.

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