Primetime Picks… 4/28/19

Apr 28, 2019 Posted by in Features | Comments

For the past two weeks Game of Thrones has been lining up the pieces, setting the stage for tonight‘s big battle. In the season premiere, Jon and Daenerys made their way to Winterfell, along with their troops, and started to train and prepare the army for the Night King’s arrival. Many characters were reunited after a long time—Sansa and Tyrion since Joffrey’s eventful wedding, Arya and Jon since they were separated in the first season, and even Jaime Lannister and Bran, whose last interaction was in the series premiere when Jaime pushed Bran out a window.

In last week’s episode, the battle preparations continued. It was the calm before the storm, with folks sharing stories and enjoying their final moments of happiness before the Night Army arrives. No one was particularly happy to see Jaime, especially without the Lannister army that Cersei had promised. But after Brienne vouched for him, Jaime was welcomed to stay and join the fight. He later returned the favor by fulfilling Brienne’s lifelong dream of becoming a knight. Theon also arrived in Winterfell, asking Lady Sansa if he could fight for her. Samwell gave his family sword, Heartsbane, to Jorah Mormont, and Arya decided she didn’t want to die a virgin, and hooked up with a surprised Gendry. Meawnhile, John revealed the truth about his parents to Daenerys. However, she seemed less concerned about the fact that she was shagging her nephew, and more livid about the fact that Jon may have a more viable claim to the throne than she does. As the episode ended, the alarms sounded that the Night Army was approaching.

And so tonight, we will finally get the huge fight for mankind that has been looming over these past eight seasons, as the Night King and his army try to eliminate the humans and bring about an eternal night of darkness. Bran already knows he is the target of the Night King, who wants to eliminate the Three-Eyed Raven. As part of the battle preparations, the women and children were sent to the crypt to hide from the white walkers. However, a crypt doesn’t really seem like the safest place when you are fighting someone who raises the dead! I expect we will lose many favorite characters tonight. Who will survive to live another day and go on to fight Cersei for the Iron Throne? When will the others be told about Jon’s true identity? How will Daenerys react to this news once the immediacy of the battle is over? (She doesn’t seem like the type who will suddenly give up her desire to be Queen—she’s becoming a bit mad with power like her father!) And who will ultimately rule the Seven Kingdoms?

We’ve only got four episodes left! At least all of these remaining episodes will be feature-length, so there should still be plenty of time to wrap everything up.

Tonight I’ll also be watching/recording The Red Line, Good Girls, The Simpsons, Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy, Supergirl, Killing Eve, A Discovery of Witches, Worst Cooks in America, Barry, and Veep.