Primetime Picks… 6/18/19

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Tonight one of my favorite comedies, The Detour, returns for its fourth season on TBS. Last season, the Parker family headed to Alaska and assumed fake identities to hide from the authorities, but as usual, they managed to mess things up and went back on the run. Meanwhile, the somewhat crazy Edie had been stalking Nate after she secretly impregnated herself with his sperm. It turns out that Edie also happened to be a long-lost sister of Robin’s. (How is she going to react when she finds out that her husband is the father of her niece/nephew?!) In the season finale, the family ended up in an abandoned ghost town filled with LARPers. Delilah used this distraction to exact a plan she had apparently been laying the groundwork for all season. She ran away, stealing her family’s money and a car from an admirer, leaving a message for the rest of her family, requesting that they not look for her.

The new season picks up several months later, with Nate, Robin and Jared amidst their world-wide search for Delilah. What I love about this show is its blend of physical comedy and deliciously inappropriate humor. This show doesn’t worry about being PC and goes places that many comedies would shy away from. The Parkers are constantly getting into ridiculously awkward situations, and as they try to get out of them, they only succeed in making things ten times worse. Even if they are trying to do the right thing, there is always some sort of misunderstanding, or unintended consequences to their actions. I can’t wait to see where the search for Delilah leads the Parkers this season, and what kind of craziness they cause in the process. I checked out the first two episodes, and the show is just as wild and insane as ever. Just when you think they can’t top the previous season, they somehow manage to do so!

In tonight’s premiere, “The Search”, the Parkers embark on a world-wide search to find their runaway daughter, Delilah.

Tonight I’ll also be watching/recording Blood & Treasure, The 100, Animal Kingdom, and Chrisley Knows Best.

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