Primetime Picks… 8/1/19

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Tonight, after 5 seasons, iZombie finally comes to a close. Last week Ravi got a hold of the original batch of Boat Party Utopium, and gave it to Charli at the CDC to help formulate a cure. However, her boss Saxon saw that there was more money to be made with a chronic treatment rather than a cure. So the crew planned a heist to break into Zone 19 at the CDC to get the Utopium back. They were successful in their Oceans 8 style mission thanks to Liv and Ravi eating the brains of hackers, acrobats, ninjas and pickpockets in preparation.

Back in Seattle, Peyton was in charge of taking care of the zombie children while Liv was gone. But Blaine and Don E tracked them down to where they were hiding, kidnapping Peyton and the children. Meanwhile, Enzo Lambert seized control of Fillmore Graves, convincing Major’s men to turn against him. He then lit the fuse on the battle that had been brewing between the radical zombies who wanted the humans dead and the radical humans who wanted the zombies dead, by live broadcasting himself turning a human Dead Ender into a zombie, causing both sides to declare war.

Even though Liv and the gang has obtained the Utopium, they still need some Max Rager in order to formulate the cure, but that’s locked up in Fillmore Graves, where Major is no longer welcome. How will it all end? Will Ravi and the others be able to create and distribute the cure, eliminating the zombie plague once and for all? Will they be able to rescue Peyton and children before it’s too late? And will Liv and Major ever get the happy ending they were close to when the show began? Or are they be too late to stop the all out war between humans and zombies? There’s a lot to be done and just one episode left! I really hope we get a happy, satisfying conclusion to the series with tonight’s finale, but I have my doubts as there’s a lot to wrap up in just one hour!

In tonight’s series finale, “All’s Well That Ends Well”, the human versus zombie war finally comes to a head.

Tonight I’ll also be watching/recording Big Brother and MasterChef.

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