Primetime Picks… 8/7/19

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Last week Hulu launched the new series Four Weddings and a Funeral. So much happened in those first four episodes, and we can already check off one wedding and the funeral. The wedding between Ainsley and Kash went off without a hitch…but not in the good way. Kash called things off at the alter due to the fact that he hadn’t been honest with Ainsley about his desires to be an actor. Afterwards, he started to pursue his dream career, but after his father became too sick to work, he had to go back to his old job working with Craig (Ainsley isn’t aware that the two are still friends). Later, Kash started dating Fatima, a female accountant the head of his mosque set him up with. After the breakup, Ainsley’s parents cut her off, and so she had to deal with the harsh reality of her finances. This took up a lot of her attention as she tried to figure out how to cut business costs, and which assistant she was going to fire. Gemma was upset that her (only) friend had no time for her, but her husband Quentin stepped in to be her plus one for a girls’ day out. However, later that evening, Quentin passed away due to a sudden aneurysm, leaving Gemma devastated. Quentin’s parents tried to organize a stodgy, traditional funeral, but Gemma and her son turned it into a more fun event Quentin would have enjoyed. She also decided that her son wouldn’t be going back to the boarding school he hated.

Craig kept the news of his surprise 9-year-old daughter from Zara, and once she found out he had confided with Maya and not her, she left him. Craig tried many times to contact Zara, but she seemed to have just disappeared…tht is until he turned on the TV and saw her on the new season of the trashy reality dating series, “Love Chalet”. At the same time, Maya finally gave up on Ted and decided to stay in London, getting a job working with an older, more-conservative local politician. She was forced to split the job/salary with her male rival. Meanwhile, it looked like Duffy had started a promising new relationship with a fellow teacher, however, at Quentin’s funeral he decided he didn’t want to die never having told Maya how he felt about her, and so he did, and the two kissed in the rain.

So where does that leave us for tonight’s episode? Did Maya and Duffy’s kiss lead to more? Does Maya feel as strongly for Duffy as he does for her? And how are their best friends going to react to this new relationship 10 years in the making? How is Craig going to react to seeing Zara making out with other men on her reality show—is there any hope of them reconciling? Based on the title of tonight’s episode, we’ll be getting a lot more on this! Also, how will Gemma’s life and attitude change now that her husband is gone and her son is now living at home full time? And finally, will Kash continue to pursue a relationship with Fatima? It seems like he and Maya had quite a connection when they first met, but they are like ships in the night, always passing one another when the other is in a relationship. (If I had to make a guess, I’d say those two will be the subjects of the show’s final wedding…sorry Duffy, hopefully you’ll find someone else.) We’ve still got 6 episodes and 3 more weddings to go. Is anyone else enjoying this show as much as I am?

In tonight’s episode, “Love, Chalet”, Craig becomes obsessed with Zara’s reality show, Duffy tries not to screw things up with Maya, and Ainsley meets an exciting new client who could help save her business… as well as the client’s horrible ex-husband, Bryce (guest star Dermot Mulroney).

Tonight, I’ll also be watching/recording Big Brother, MasterChef, BH90210, Bulletproof, Hypnotize Me, Krypton, and Younger.

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