Primetime Picks… 9/12/19

Sep 12, 2019 Posted by in Features | Comments

Today Vudu launches its first original series, single-camera comedy Mr. Mom, which is modern version of the classic 1983 John Hughes film of the same name. Megan Anderson (Andrea Anders, The Good Fight, Better Off Ted) has spent the past five years being a stay-at-home mom to 5-year-old Hannah and 3-year-old Zack. So when Megan lands her dream job as an exec at a product marking company, husband Greg (Hayes MacArthur, Angie Tribeca) takes over the role of raising the kids and running the household. The work required to keep the house in order and the kids occupied is something Greg always took for granted, and now h’s about to get a crash course in changing diapers and dealing with screaming children. At the same time, Greg is also trying to launch his own new startup business at home. Meanwhile, Megan is in for a culture shock as she learns just how much the workplace has changed in the past 6 years. The office is much more modern and techy, with hotdesks and communication apps she’s never heard of. Plus, she’s the one adult amongst a sea of millennials, including her boss Riley (Michelle Ortiz).

Mr. Mom is free to watch with a free Vudu account. The series takes a couple episodes to get going and set up the premise, but then it really hits its groove. It is a light, fun show with affable leads, who constantly find themselves in awkward, humorous situations. Episodes look at how each of the parents dealing with their new fish-out-of-water roles, and also explore the relationship between Hannah and Greg as they to squeeze in some quality time together. Vudu will be releasing all 11 episodes over 5 weeks, with 2-3 new episodes each Thursday. At only around 10 minutes each, the episodes fly by, but it also makes them easy to squeeze in whenever you have some free time. While most of the episodes are self-contained stories, each episode also continues a season-long arc, building off the previous one, making the series very bingeable—especially since the first season as a whole is like the length of a feature film.

Today Vudu has released the first two episodes. In “Pilot”, Megan has a job interview and needs Greg to leave work early to watch the kids, but Greg is unprepared for the storm that awaits. Then, in “What About the Kids?”, a big decision looms after Megan snares an unexpected job offer and Greg realizes his own career is stuck in neutral.

Tonight, I’ll also be watching/recording Big Brother and Hollywood Game Night.