SUPERGIRL Press Room at San Diego Comic-Con 2019

Sep 14, 2019 Posted by in Interviews | 1 comment

Supergirl returns to The CW for its fifth season on October 6. At this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, we got a chance to talk about the series with some of the executive producers and cast. It was a huge group (as you can see from our press line photo), so we didn’t get to speak with everyone, but the folks who made it to our table were executive producers Sarah Schechter, Jessica Queller & Robert Rovner, and stars Melissa Benoist (“Kara Danvers”), Andrea Brooks (“Eve Teschmacher”), Katie McGrath (“Lena Luthor”), Chyler Leigh (“Alex Danvers”) & Azie Tesfai (“Kelly Olsen”).


Andrea Brooks (“Eve Teschmacher”) & Katie McGrath (“Lena Luthor”)

Chyler Leigh (“Alex Danvers”) & Azie Tesfai (“Kelly Olsen”)

Jessica Queller & Robert Rovner (EPs)

Sarah Schechter (EP) & Melissa Benoist (“Kara Danvers”)