Primetime Picks… 10/20/19

Oct 20, 2019 Posted by in Features | Comments

Tonight FOX has all new spooky episodes of its Animation Domination lineup. The night kicks off with the fitting 666th episode of The Simpsons, which marks the 30th edition of the annual “Treehouse of Horror” special. This installment opens with a quick tale of Homer adopting an evil baby named Maggie, whose mother died in childbirth. Then the episode goes into the traditional three spooky tales, the first of which is called “Danger Things”, an 80’s set parody of Stranger Things that finds the rest of the characters trying to rescue Milhouse, who was taken by a monster and brought to the Over-Under. The second story, “Heaven Swipes Right”, finds Homer going to Heaven after choking on a a hot dog at a football game, only to be sent back to Earth to inhabit different bodies. And the final story, “When Hairy Met Slimy”, is a parody of the Oscar-winning The Shape of Water, with janitor Selma falling in love with alien Kang, who’s being held as an experiment in the basement of the power plant.

Since the World Series starts on Tuesday, FOX is kicking off its Halloween programming a little early. I always enjoy holiday-themed episodes of TV shows, especially the Halloween ones, and the Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror episodes have been an annual tradition for 30 years! I always find these specials to be a lot of fun, and I’m also looking forward to checking out the rest of tonight’s spooky Animation Domination lineup.

Tonight, I’ll also be watching/recording The Rookie, Bless the Harts, Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy, Batwoman, Supergirl, The Walking Dead, Mr. Robot, and Watchmen.

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