Primetime Picks… 10/25/19

Oct 25, 2019 Posted by in Features | Comments

A few weeks ago the 6-episode first season of British zombie comedy series Zomboat! premiered on ITV2 in the UK, but today Hulu takes the series stateside. There’s a sudden zombie outbreak in Birmingham, but sisters Kat (Leah Brotherhead, White Gold) and Jo (Cara Theobold, Absentia) have a plan to survive…head to an island, because zombies can’t swim! Kat believes that her extensive knowledge of zombie films and TV shows and experience at killing zombies in video games, is going to help them. However, she quickly realizes that killing a zombie in person is a lot different, and that these zombies don’t seem to follow the same rules set forth in TV shows and movies. The two plan to steal Jo’s ex’s narrowboat and sail down the canal to London, and then find a nice island to settle on. But as they take off, the sisters discover two stowaways aboard the ship—buddies Sunny (Hamza Jeetooa, Doctor Who) and Amar (Ryan McKen, Bancroft), who were at a stag party during the outbreak.

I checked out the first two episodes of the series and found it to be a fun, dumb show that made me laugh. The characters are all a bit self-absorbed, and aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed—though let’s hope they find some if they are to have any hopes of surviving. You wouldn’t think the series could do much with a boat slowly floating down a canal, but so far the writers have found reasons for these characters to make excursions back to the land where the zombies are roaming—whether it be for supplies, to pick up a friend, or something else. The zombies also don’t act the way that you’d traditionally expect them to, so there are some fun surprises. The episodes are only 22 minutes long and have built in ad-breaks, so it’s a light, fun zombie show that doesn’t involve a huge time commitment, and it’s perfect for this Halloween season.

Tonight, I’ll also be watching/recording American Housewife, Fresh Off the Boat, 20/20, The Blacklist, and Van Helsing.

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