Primetime Picks… 11/7/19

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The final season of The Good Place has been speeding along as three of our humans try to save humanity by proving that four individuals—three of whom were chosen by the demon Shawn, and the remaining is a mind-wiped Chidi—can learn to be good people. In last week’s episode, we learned that it has been nearly six months since Michael and the gang rescued Good Janet from The Bad Place, and that they have been holding the Bad Janet who was posing as her in captivity all this time. The experiment was nearing its conclusion, and Michael seemed pleased with recent events. He recounted a recent success story to Bad Janet, though things didn’t really sound all that positive as his story began. Brent wrote a terrible murder-mystery novel, “Six Feet Under Par: A Chip Driver Mystery”, in which the characters—such as “Scarlett Pakistan”—were very obvious and offensive versions of Tahani, Chidi and the others. Brent failed to understand why the others didn’t respond positively to his book, so Michael tried to use the situation as a teaching moment, and to get him to apologize for insulting the others. Meanwhile, John walked in on Jason trying to cheer up Chidi up with a dance party, and discovered the truth that the silent Monk Jianyu was actually Jason the bro from Florida. Chidi begged John to keep this a secret, which he agreed to try, but this is the kind of gossip that John would have died for on Earth, and it was going to be tough for him.

Things escalated at Brent’s book release party as he continued to whine that no one liked his book, and refused to apologize to the others. The event culminated with Chidi ultimately punching Brent in the face. The Soul Squad was out of ideas as to how to deal with Brent, but then Eleanor realized they just needed to force Brent into a situation where he wouldn’t have time to think about his actions and would just react and help someone involuntarily. Jason offered to be set on fire so that Brent could put him out, but that plan didn’t really go over well.

As last week’s episode cam to a close, so did Michael’s story to Bad Janet. He told her that what he realized through this experiment is that it doesn’t matter whether humans are inherently “good” or “bad”, but that they are striving to be better each day. Michael told Bad Janet he would not marbleize her, and instead he released her, sending her off with a copy of the manifesto that he and Good Janet had written about the progress of humans’ ethical journey. Will this idea that the humans are at least trying to be better people be enough to sway the judge in the Soul Squad’s favor? The experiment is nearly over but did the humans improve enough to save humanity? We’ve still got 7 episodes left—I have no idea where the show will go from here, and I’m sure theres many more surprise twists to come. I look forward to seeing how it all plays out as the series comes to a close.

In tonight’s episode, “Help Is Other People”, on the last day of the experiment, Chidi is faced with one final ethical dilemma.

Tonight, I’ll also be watching/recording Grey’s Anatomy, A Million Little Things, Young Sheldon, The Unicorn, Carol’s Second Act, Evil, Superstore, Perfect Harmony, Will & Grace, and Chrisley Knows Best.

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