Primetime Picks… 1/30/20

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Tonight, after just four short-but-delightful seasons, NBC’s The Good Place finally comes to an end. Last week, the gang finally made it to The Good Place. Michael was worried he wouldn’t be welcome, being a demon and all, but the committee members whisked him off to give him a job. Meanwhile, the four humans walked into their welcome celebration arm-in-arm, which caused the party space to be an eclectic mix of elements from all four of their ideal celebrations. There was also a green Holodeck-like door that they could go through to see or experience anything their hearts and minds desired.

After Michael signed his contract, the committee members quit, leaving him as the sole person in charge of The Good Place—and things weren’t really as good there as they seemed. At the party, Chidi and Eleanor were also about to learn this fact. Chidi was excited to meet philosopher Hypatia of Alexandria (Lisa Kudrow), but it quickly became clear that something was off with her. It turns out that having an eternity to do and see whatever you want is still an eternity, and eventually you become exhausted. And knowing there was no end to this boredom caused malaise and their brains to just slowly turn to mush.

So Michael and the gang had to come up with a way to fix The Good Place, and make things better for all of these folks who had already been there for thousands of years. After thinking for a while, the team came up with a plan—they would create another door—when folks in The Good Place felt that they had had their fill of eternity, they could just enter it and move on. This idea that they weren’t stuck there instantly improved the moral of the residents. It seems like a simple fix, but is that all that is needed?

Tonight, the series comes to an end with a special 90-minute event, including a series discussion with the cast/creators. How will it all come to en end? Will we see how our four humans choose to spend their time in The Good Place? Will they eventually tire of it and want to move on? Will there be yet another twist to this story? I can’t wait to see how this ends, but I am going to really miss this show. It is easily one of my all-time favorites.

In tonight’s series finale, “Whenever You’re Ready”, various conversations occur, between various groups of people. (Such a descriptive and spoilery episode description!)

Tonight, I’ll also be watching/recording Grey’s Anatomy, A Million Little Things, Young Sheldon, The Unicorn, Carol’s Second Act, Superstore, Outmatched, and Everything’s Gonna Be Okay.

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