Primetime Picks… 6/18/20

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Early this morning, Netflix released the second season of sci-fi/fantasy drama The Order. Last season, Jack Morton (Jake Manley) started his studies at Belgrave University, but had an ulterior motive for going there. His mother had died mysteriously when he was younger, and Jack and his grandfather had been plotting a way to avenge her death. Those responsible were part of a secret society at the university, the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose. Its members practiced dark magic, and Jack was going to become a member to infiltrate their ranks. However, the campus was also home to a another secret society, the Knights of Saint Christopher, whose members were all werewolves. The Knights were sworn to fight black magic, and thus were enemies of The Order. Jack soon found himself a member of both groups, though his goal was still to take down The Order. Jack had fallen for Order member Alyssa (Sarah Grey), and even helped her to take down the group’s evil, overly-ambitious and misguided leader. However, to thank them for their help, Alyssa and other members of The Order used their magic to erase the memories of the Knights, and ransacked their home, stealing their magical tomes, trinkets, and even the hide of the powerful wolf Silverback.

The second season picks up some months later as another school year is about to begin. The Order is trying to figure out what to do with the Knights. Ideally they would like a wolf that they can control, to use for their own nefarious purposes. However, there have been some unexpected developments with the spell they used on the Knights. At school, the students have a new teacher, Professor Cameron Foley (Matty Finochio)—hope he lasts a little longer than the previous one! And once again they face a murderous threat on campus. Someone has been brazenly using magic in broad daylight, killing off students one by one. The Order could use the help of the Knights to solve this, but are unsure that they could control them. Meanwhile, the former Knights—who are all strangers—are starting to have odd deja vu experiences, but don’t necessarily know why. Even if their memories are gone, and they don’t know they are werewolves, is that enough to keep the Knights from turning?! Maybe The Order didn’t think this through, and perhaps they should have just eliminated them!

I really enjoyed the first season of The Order. I wasn’t even aware of the show, but binged the entire first season last year when I heard that the series was going to be at San Diego Comic-Con. I was so pleasantly surprised. If you’re sad that The Magicians has ended, this is the perfect series to help fill that void. It has that same mix of humor, magic, sci-fi and drama, with a touch of adult language and situations, and some really fun characters. While things start off extremely different this season, as I made my way through the first two episodes, I was quickly reminded of why I enjoyed the first season so much. This series is so entertaining, with lots of humor and great twists and turns—I can’t wait to watch the rest of the season.

At last year’s San Diego Comic-Con, I got the chance to speak with some of the cast and creators of the series, who were just ramping up production on this season at that time. Check out my interview videos here.

Tonight, I’ll also be watching/recording Holey Moley, Don’t, To Tell the Truth, Broke, Celebrity Watch Party, and Top Chef.