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The Syfy Channel series Eureka ran for five seasons from 2006 to 2012 (back when it was still called SciFi). As the series opened, divorced U.S. Marshal Jack Carter (Colin Ferguson) was transporting his delinquent teenage daughter Zoe (Jordan Hinson) across the country after she once again got in some trouble. However, their vehicle ends up damaged and on the side of the road after Jack swerves to avoid a dog. Now the Carters find themselves in the quirky small town of Eureka, where everything, especially the people, seem a little off. Even the local mechanic, Henry Deacon (Joe Morton), is a former space shuttle engineer! While waiting for his car to be fixed, Jack meets the town’s sheriff and assists his deputy—former Army Special Forces soldier Jo Lupo (Erica Cerra)—with a case involving a missing boy. Jack soon learns that pretty much everyone in this town is a genius—Eureka was founded by Albert Einstein shortly after World War II as a haven where the world’s greatest thinkers could live and work. Eureka is also home to a secret advanced government research facility called Global Dynamics. Heading up the facility is Dr. Nathan Stark (Ed Quinn), and his ex-wife, Dr. Allison Blake (Salli Richardson-Whitfield), is the Department of Defense’s liaison to the research facility.

Thanks to his success on the missing boy case, Jack receives a promotion, becoming Eureka’s new Sheriff. He and daughter Zoe move into a prototype smart home—named S.A.R.A.H. (Self-Actuated Residential Automated Habitat)—designed by Global Dynamics junior scientist Dr. Douglas Fargo (Neil Grayston). The house has a unique personality of her own, and proves to be a bit tempermental at times. And like any software, there are a lot of bugs to work out. While Jack may not be a genius like Eureka’s other residents, he is smart in his own way, and proves to be a valuable resource when it comes to th daily chaos that seems to arise in this small town. The geniuses of Global Dynamics always seem to have some new experiment that goes awry, causing some new threat or danger to loom over the city. Eureka is filled with lots of eccentric folks, including the Australian biological containment specialist Dr. Jim Taggart (Matt Frewer), and Vincent (Chris Gauthier), the owner of the local diner, Café Diem.

The series starts off as more of a case-of-the-week type procedural, but becomes more and more serialized as the seasons go on. The episodes are an entertaining blend of action, humor, mystery and drama. The writers do an excellent job of taking somewhat familiar storylines, but then give them a fun science fiction type twist. For example, the episode may be dealing with a missing person, but they are missing because they got sucked into a wormhole. Or there’s a bank robbery, but the robber stole the entire bank building. Over the five seasons, there are lots of fun adventures involving time travel, aliens, body-swapping, time loops, literal identity theft at the gene level, and so much more. And throughout the series, the viewer goes on a journey with these characters, all of whom are constantly growing and changing. There are several occasions during the show’s run where the writers really shake things up, changing up the dynamics between these characters, amping up the drama, and keeping things interesting.

The series ran for five seasons, but it really feels like seven since the third and fourth seasons were both split into two halves, which were aired a year apart, and each half has its own longer story arc. While the series was initially picked up for a 6-episode sixth and final season, this was canceled, and instead the writers were given one additional fifth season episode to wrap the show up. Given the circumstances, I think they did a really nice job of providing closure to the characters and storylines (especially given the cliffhanger the fifth season would have ended on). Plus, the final episode has some great snarky dialogue that pokes fun at the whole situation with the rescinded renewal.

A general rundown of the seasons:

  • Season 1 (2006):
    Jack Carter arrives in Eureka and ends up becoming the new sheriff. Jack deals with the oddities of the town, its residents, and his smart house. Some of the season’s cases involve memory loss, alien abductions, and a dangerous Artifact that proves to be the source of much chaos in the town. Meanwhile, town psychiatrist Dr. Beverly Barlowe (Debrah Farentino) is up to no good, secretly working for a mysterious organization known as the “Consortium”, which has nefarious plans for the inventions coming out of Section 5 of Global Dynamics.
  • Season 2 (2007):
    In the second season, Allison takes over as the director of Global Dynamics, but things are as crazy as always, and the Artifact is still quite a threat. Some of the odd cases this season include people spontaneously combusting, a weather-controlling device, disappearing residents, a deadly debris cloud, shared dreams, rapid aging, Biblical plagues, and a love portion. Computer hacker/genius particle physicist Zane Donovan (Niall Matter) comes to work for Global Dynamics in exchange for avoiding imprisonment, and we also meet Zoe’s mother Abby (Olivia d’Abo).
  • Season 3, Part 1 (2008):
    In the first half of the season, business tycoon Eva Thorne (Frances Fisher), known as “The Fixer”, comes to Eureka on behalf of the Department of Defense in order to do a performance review of Global Dynamics, but she seems to also have another secret agenda. Carter’s free-spirited sister Lexi (Ever Carradine) moves in with Jack and Zoe, and Zoe becomes a waitress at Café Diem. Some of the dangers this season include reptilian people, earthquakes, android dogs, time loops, lethal Egyptian insects, the ability to walk through walls, a supernova, and a doomsday weapon.
  • Season 3, Part 2 (2009):
    As the second half of the season opens, Jack finds himself replaced by new robotic Sheriff Andy (Ty Olsson, and in later seasons Kavan Smith). The season also sees the arrival of Dr. Tess Fontana (Jaime Ray Newman), a fellow grad school student of Allison’s who comes to work on highly confidential project at Global Dynamics. Other storylines include clairvoyants and ghosts, people literally turning green with envy, the arrival of a mystery space ship, people being spontaneously electrocuted, people suffering lacunar amnesia, the return of someone thought to be deceased, a baby shower, the dawn of a new Ice Age, and the deadly threat of a neutron star’s return.
  • Season 4, Part 1 (2010):
    As they are celebrating the anniversary of Founder’s Day, Carter, Lupo, Blake, Deacon and Fargo are transported back to 1947 when the town was just Camp Eureka. They meet Dr. Trevor Grant (James Callis), who joins the cast for this first half of the season. However, upon their return the timeline has been shaken up and people are no longer in the same relationships or positions they were in before. This brings in new character Dr. Grace Monroe (Tembi Locke), a scientist and mechanic, who’s suddenly the wife of Henry Deacon in this new timeline. Warehouse 13‘s Claudia Donovan (Allison Scagliotti) crosses over into one of the episodes.

    The mid-season ends with the show’s first standalone Holiday special. A bunch of kids are holed up in Café Diem, upset that they are stuck there for the holidays, so Carter recounts a story about a time when he was stranded in Eureka for the holidays—the story involves a sleigh arriving in Eureka, and a GD employee (Chris Parnell) who may have been Santa Claus.

  • Season 4, Part 2 (2011):
    The second half of the season opens with a wedding (though probably not who you expected) and an exciting Apollo 13-like storyline. Much of the season follows the Global Dynamics crew competing and training for the Astraeus Mission to Titan. New characters include Senator Michaela Wen (Ming-Na Wen) of the Technology Appropriations Committee, who’s investigating some things at Global Dynamics. Also, socially awkward scientist Dr. Holly Marten (Felicia Day), and Fargo’s rival (both in love and professionally), Dr. Isaac Parrish (Wil Wheaton).

    This half of the season also ends with a second standalone holiday special. On Christmas Eve, a super-photon generator accidentally goes off, causing the town to become animated—first in 3D animation, then in Yogi Bear-style 2D animation, then in claymation, and finally anime. Meanwhile the kids are safe inside SARAH, unaware that the storybook they are reading is affecting those outside. The special also features a fun, animated talking Carl the Jeep.

  • Season 5 (2012):
    As the fifth season opens we discover what has happened to those on the Astraeus Mission, and once again relationships and jobs have been shaken up during the time that the crew were away. However, things are not be all that they appear to be, and there is something even more sinister at work. While this plays out, there are some other fun storylines, such as a hilarious body swap episode. In the bonus final episode, the show does a decent job of wrapping things up.

I hadn’t seen Eureka since it originally aired, so it was such a delight to go back and revisit the series and these characters on this Blu-ray release. There are lots of fun cases of the week in the earlier seasons, but the series really hits its stride when it shakes things up and becomes more serialized and mythology-driven in the fourth season. The fourth season also brings a pair of delightful standalone Christmas specials.

Mill Creek Entertainment has put together a massive complete series Blu-ray release for Eureka, which makes its way to the U.S. for the first time. (Universal had previously released a Complete Series Blu-ray set in 2014, but only in Germany.) The series is spread across 12 discs, each season on 2 discs, except for the longer seasons 3 & 4, which each take 3 discs. The discs are divided into two 6-disc HD keepcases that are slightly thicker than standard Blu-ray cases, and these are placed inside of a cardboard slipcase. The picture quality is generally quite good, with some scenes looking really fantastic and crisp with lots of detail. Some of the darker scenes look a little grainy at times, and there was a bit of white pulsing in some of these scenes—though this seems to be somewhat due to the source material. However, I never found this to distract from my enjoyment. (The previously-mentioned German release also has this issue, but to a lesser degree, perhaps because it was spread across 18 discs.) The audio track mainly uses the center channel for the dialogue, but employs the stereo and surround channels to create a more immersive experience and showcase the show’s delightful score.

While there is no new bonus material created specifically for this release, the discs are loaded with many hours of bonus material that has been ported from the previous DVD releases and is sure to keep any fan occupied for a long time. These include hours of deleted scenes, dozens of commentary tracks, gag reels, webisodes, and other featurettes. During Eureka‘s fourth seasons, the series also crossed over with Syfy’s Warehouse 13. While the Eureka episode is obviously included on this set, it was a little disappointing that Fargo’s two crossover appearances on Warehouse 13 were not, even though Universal’s original DVD releases of this series did include those. Also missing from the original DVD releases are two extended versions of episodes from the fourth season (one of which also offered an audio commentary track). These extended episodes appear on the German Blu-ray release, as well as an extremely short VFX demo that didn’t appear on any US DVD or Blu-ray release. It’s disappointing that Mill Creek couldn’t have found a way to squeeze the extended episodes onto this Blu-ray, even if it meant leaving off the TV versions of those two.

What’s Included:

Episodes: (56:30:52)

  • All 77 episodes of the series:
    • Season 1 (2016, 12 eps) (9:17:32):
      Discs 1: “Pilot”, “Many Happy Returns”, “Before I Forget”, “Alienated”, “Invincible”, “Dr. Nobel”
      Disc 2: “Blink”, “Right as Raynes”, “Primal”, “Purple Haze”, “H.O.U.S.E. Rules”, “Once in a Lifetime”
    • Season 2 (2007, 13 eps) (9:23:55):
      Disc 1: “Phoenix Rising”, “Try, Try Again”, “Unpredictable”, “Games People Play”, “Duck Duck Goose”, “Noche de Sueños”, “Family Reunion”
      Disc 2: “E=MC…?”, “Sight Unseen”, “God Is in the Details”, “Maneater”, “All That Glitters”, “A Night at Global Dynamics”
    • Season 3 (2008-09, 18 eps) (13:07:16):
      Discs 1: “Bad to the Drone”, “What About Bob?”, “Best in Faux”, “I Do Over”, “Show Me the Mummy”, “Phased and Confused”
      Disc 2: “Here Come the Suns”, “From Fear to Eternity”, “Welcome Back Carter”, “Your Face or Mine?”, “Insane in the P-Brane”, “It’s Not Easy Being Green”
      Disc 3: “If You Build It…”, “Ship Happens”, “Shower the People”, “You Don’t Know Jack”, “Have an Ice Day”, “What Goes Around, Comes Around”
    • Season 4 (2010-11, 21 eps) (15:19:49):
      Disc 1: “Founders’ Day”, “A New World”, “All the Rage”, “The Story of O2”, “Crossing Over”, “Momstrosity”, “Stoned”
      Disc 2: “The Ex-Files”, “I’ll Be Seeing You”, “O Little Town”, “Liftoff”, “Reprise”, “Glimpse”, “Up in the Air”
      Disc 3: “Omega Girls”, “Of Mites and Men”, “Clash of the Titans”, “This One Time at Space Camp…”, “One Small Step”, “One Giant Leap”, “Do You See What I See?”
    • Season 5 (2012, 13 eps) (9:22:20):
      Disc 1: “Lost”, “The Real Thing”, “Force Quit”, “Friendly Fire”, “Jack of All Trades”, “Worst Case Scenario”, “Ex Machina”
      Disc 2: “In Too Deep”, “Smarter Carter”, “The Honeymooners”, “Mirror, Mirror”, “Double Take”, “Just Another Day…”
  • 1080p / Widescreen 1.78:1
  • Audio: English 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio
  • Subtitles: English SDH


  • Season 1:
    • Audio Commentaries
      In the audio commentaries and podcast commentaries, various cast and crew members provide some fun and interesting behind-the-scenes stories and discussions about the characters and episodes. The Audio Commentaries sound a little more professionally recorded, while the Podcast Commentaries were originally released as podcast episodes that folks could listen to as they watched the episodes.

      • Pilot Episode (1:24:15)
        Show creators Andrew Cosby and Jaime Paglia and actor Colin Ferguson
    • Podcast Commentaries
      • Pilot Episode (1:24:15)
        Actor Colin Ferguson
      • Many Happy Returns (42:40)
        Actor Colin Ferguson
      • Before I Forget (43:39)
        Actor Colin Ferguson, writer John Rogers, producer and co-creator Andrew Cosby, co-creator Jaime Paglia, and staff writer Johanna Stokes.
      • Alienated (43:40)
        Actor Colin Ferguson, executive producer & co-creator Andrew Cosby, and co-creator Jaime Paglia.
      • Invincible (43:40)
        Actor Colin Ferguson
      • Dr. Nobel (42:53)
        Actor Colin Ferguson and director Jeff Woolnough
      • Blink (41:46)
        Executive producer & co-creator Andrew Cosby, co-creator Jaime Paglia, and staff writer Johanna Stokes
      • Right as Raynes (43:31)
        Executive producer & co-creator Andrew Cosby, co-creator Jaime Paglia, actor Ed Quinn, and staff writer Johanna Stokes
      • Primal (40:53)
        Actors Colin Ferguson and Ed Quinn, and co-creator Jamie Paglia
      • Purple Haze (43:28)
        Actor Colin Ferguson
      • Purple Haze (43:28)
        Co-creator Jaime Paglia, and actors Ed Quinn, Colin Ferguson & Jordan Hinson
      • H.O.U.S.E. Rules (43:24)
        Actor Colin Ferguson
      • H.O.U.S.E. Rules (43:24)
        Co-creator Jaime Paglia, and actors Colin Ferguson, Jordan Hinson & Salli Richardson-Whitfield
      • Once in a Lifetime (43:43)
        Actor Colin Ferguson, executive producer and co-creator Andrew Cosby, and co-creator Jaime Paglia
    • Deleted Scenes (17:52)
      Selection of deleted scenes from the first season with optional commentary by show creators Andrew Cosby and Jaime Paglia and actor Colin Ferguson.
    • Outtakes (1:27)
      Outtakes from two episodes, with optional commentary by show creators Andrew Cosby and Jaime Paglia and actor Colin Ferguson. Select from:

      • Pilot Episode (1:27)
      • Once in a Lifetime (1:40)
    • Webisodes (13:51)
      After some found footage of campers being attacked by a monster is posted on the internet, our Eureka crew tries to track down the creature that escaped from Global Dynamics. Select from:

      • Prologue (1:10)
      • Webisode One (1:31)
      • Webisode Two (2:12)
      • Webisode Three (1:36)
      • Webisode Four (1:47)
      • Webisode Five (2:24)
      • Webisode Six (1:21)
      • Webisode Seven (2:50)
    • Made in Eureka (Mock Infomercials) (2:14)
      A pair of mock infomercials for “useful” products created in Eureka.

      • The Cryo-Kennel (1:07)
      • The Micro-Mitt (1:07)
  • Season 2:
    • Podcast Commentaries
      • Try, Try Again (43:35)
        Series stars Colin Ferguson and Neil Grayston
      • Try, Try Again (43:35)
        Executive producer/showrunner Charlie Craig and executive producer Thania St. John
      • Sight Unseen (43:38)
        Executive producer/showrunner Charlie Craig
      • God is in the Details (43:46)
        Executive producer Jaime Paglia and staff writer Eric Wallace
      • Maneater (42:57)
        Executive producer/showrunner Charlie Craig and co-executive producer Bruce Miller
    • Deleted Scenes (20:12)
      Selection of deleted scenes from the second season. Select from:

      • Phoenix Rising (2:55)
      • Try, Try Again (1:12)
      • Unpredictable (2:42)
      • Games People Play (1:10)
      • Family Reunion (:29)
      • E=MC…? (3:57)
      • Sight Unseen (1:46)
      • God is in the Details (:55)
      • All That Glitters (4:06)
    • Happenings Around Town, The Second Season (11:39)
      The cast talks about how the show and their characters have changed in the second season, their favorite new inventions of the season, and more. Includes clips, behind-the-scenes photos, and interviews with stars Ed Quinn (“Nathan Stark”), Joe Morton (“Henry Deacon”), Neil Grayson (“Douglas Fargo”), Erica Cerra (“Jo Lupo”), Jordan Hinson (“Zoe Carter”), Colin Ferguson (“Jack Carter”) and Salli Richardson (“Allison Blake”).
    • Webcasts (12:45)
      The cast talks about the various plot lines of the second season in this collection of interviews that play back-to-back—portions of this footage is repeated from the previous featurette. The segments are titled “Welcome Back…” and “Love Thy Neighbor”, which are followed by Colin Ferguson answering fan questions at San Diego Comic-Con 2007.
    • ‘Live Smart, Eureka’ PSA’s (2:33)
      Collection of fun PSA’s from the residents of Eureka. Select from:

      • Allison Blake (:21)
      • Sheriff Jack Carter (:21)
      • Douglas Fargo (:21)
      • Henry Deacon (:21)
      • Deputy Jo Lupo (:27)
      • Dr. Nathan Stark (:21)
      • Zoe Carter (:21)
    • Gag Reel (5:50)
      Colin Ferguson introduces this gag reel that finds the cast flubbing and forgetting their lines, cracking each other up, and have fun on set.
    • Inside the Writers’ Room (14:34)
      Head inside the writers room trailer on the Universal lot as the writing staff prepares for season three. They talk about the strike and how that changed the planned season, the story-breaking process, selecting the science stories, and pitching the story lines and character arcs. They also give a preview of what’s to come in the third season. Participants include ceator/executive producer Jaime Paglia, supervising producer Curtis Kheel, staff writer Eric Wallace, executive producer/showrunner Charlie Craig, co-executive producer Bruce Miller, executive producer Thania St. John, writers’ assistant Ed Fowler, production assistant Scott Sebert, and staff writer Nick Wauters.
  • Season 3:
    • Audio Commentaries
      • Bad to the Drone (43:39)
        Executive producer Jaime Paglia and visual effects producer Matthew Gore
      • Your Face or Mine (43:54)
        Executive producer Jaime Paglia and series star Colin Ferguson
      • What Goes Around, Comes Around (43:52)
        Executive producer Jaime Paglia and episode director Matt Hastings
    • Podcast Commentaries
      • Bad to the Drone (43:39)
        Executive producer Jaime Paglia and executive producer/showrunner Charlie Craig
      • What About Bob? (43:53)
        Executive producer/showrunner/episode writer Charlie Craig
      • Best in Faux (43:52)
        Executive producer/showrunner Charlie Craig and co-executive producer/episode writer Bruce Miller
      • I Do Over (43:57)
        Executive producer/showrunner Charlie Craig and executive producer/episode writer Thania St. John
      • Show Me the Mummy (43:50)
        Supervising producer/episode writer Curtis Kheel
      • Welcome Back Carter (43:55)
        Executive producer Jaime Paglia and writer Bruce Miller
      • If You Build It (43:52)
        Writer Bruce Miller and series star Jordan Hinson
      • Ship Happens (43:56)
        Executive producer Jaime Paglia and series star Colin Ferguson
      • You Don’t Know Jack (43:11)
        Executive producer Jaime Paglia and writer Eric Wallace
    • Deleted Scenes (45:11)
      Selection of deleted scenes from the third season. Select from:

      • Bad to the Drone (6:41)
      • What About Bob? (1:55)
      • Best in Faux (5:00)
      • I Do Over (1:39)
      • Show Me the Mummy (1:28)
      • Phased and Confused (3:29)
      • Here Comes the Suns (1:32)
      • From Fear To Eternity (5:19)
      • Welcome Back Carter (2:16)
      • Your Face or Mine? (4:07)
      • Insane in the P-Brane (:50)
      • It’s Not Easy Being Green (3:11)
      • If You Build It (1:46)
      • Ship Happens (:53)
      • Shower the People (:49)
      • Have an Ice Day! (2:22)
      • What Goes Around, Comes Around (1:34)
    • Creating a Musical Personality (18:30)
      Creator/writer/executive producer Jaime Paglia and composer/musician Bear McCreary talk about creating the show’s unique score, the instruments used, creating the character themes, using music to give the drone personality, creating the music for the flamenco dream sequence, and more.
    • Finishing Touch: The Visual Effects in Eureka (14:49)
      The filmmakers talk about the use of visual effects in the season, and how the various effects evolved or changed. Includes side-by-side examples of scenes with and without the effects, and interviews with visual effects producer Matt Gore, visual effects editor Tony Nigro, co-producer Stephen Welke, and co-creator Jaime Paglia.
      Note: Missing from the German Blu-ray release is “Evolution of a Visual Effects Sequence”, a 37-second montage showing the various layers of effects added to create a short 3 second sequence of Martha the drone in the season 3 premiere.

  • Season 4:
    • Audio Commentaries
      • Liftoff (43:51)
        Co-creator/executive producer Jaime Paglia and executive producer Bruce Miller
    • Podcast Commentaries
      • Liftoff (43:51)
        Co-creator/executive producer Jaime Paglia, executive producer Bruce Miller, and VFX producer Matt Gore
      • Reprise (43:51)
        Co-creator/executive producer Jaime Paglia and writer/co-executive producer Amy Berg
      • Omega Girls (43:48)
        Co-creator/executive producer Jaime Paglia and actress/director Salli Richardson-Whitfield
      • One Giant Leap… (43:52)
        Co-creator/executive producer Jaime Paglia and director/co-executive producer Matthew Hastings
    • Deleted Scenes (40:08)
      Selection of deleted scenes from the fourth season. Select from:

      • Founders’ Day (:51)
      • A New World (2:54)
      • All the Rage (1:47)
      • The Story of O2 (10:24)
      • Crossing Over (:24)
      • Momstrosity (2:20)
      • Stoned (1:17)
      • I’ll Be Seeing You (3:25)
      • Liftoff (1:08)
      • Reprise (1:51)
      • Glimpse (:25)
      • Up in the Air (:36)
      • Omega Girls (1:47)
      • Clash of the Titans (2:30)
      • This One Time at Space Camp (2:43)
      • One Small Step… (4:18)
      • One Giant Leap (1:28)
    • In the Beginning: Camp Eureka 1947 (5:26)
      The filmmakers talk about designing and creating the massive Camp Eureka set, getting the period costumes and equipment, and more. Includes behind-the-scenes footage, storyboards and blueprints, and interviews with production designer Lance King, director Matt Hastings, co-creator/writer/executive producer Jaime Paglia, and costume designer Greg Mah.
    • Gag Reel (4:49)
      Fun antics and gaffs from the first half of the season.
    • The Mythology of Eureka (15:10)
      The filmmakers talk about rebooting the series in the fourth season, changing up the character dynamics, filming the period episodes, the new and returning characters, getting back to the mythology and making things less procedural, and more. Includes behind-the-scenes footage, and interviews with co-creator/executive producer Jaime Paglia, co-executive producer Matt Hastings, and stars Joe Morgan, Colin Ferguson, Neil Grayson, Erica Cerra, Tembi Locke (“Grace Monroe”), Salli Richardson-Whitfield, Felicia Day (“Holly Marten”), Niall Matter (“Zane Donovan”), Debrah Farentino (“Beverly Barlowe”) and Neil Grayston.
    • Gag Reel (5:18)
      More of the same from the second half of the season.
    • Eureka: Season Five Sneak Peek (4:49)
      An exciting teaser of how the show picks up from the big fourth season cliffhanger.
      Note: Missing from the US Season 4.0 & 4.5 DVD releases are the Warehouse 13 crossover episodes “13.1” & “Don’t Hate the Player”.
      Note: Missing from the US Season 4.0 & 4.5 DVD releases & German Blu-ray release are the extended cuts of “Founders Day” (51:43) (with optional commentary by Jaime Paglia, Bruce Miller & Matt Hastings) and “Of Mites and Men” (55:39).

  • Season 5:
    • Audio Commentary
      • Just Another Day… (43:20)
        Co-creator/executive producer Jaime Paglia and executive producers Bruce Miller & Todd Sharp
    • Deleted Scenes (18:49)
      Selection of deleted scenes from the fifth/final season. Select from:

      • Lost (2:03)
      • Force Quit (:30)
      • Jack of All Trades (11:44)
      • Ex Machina” (1:06)
      • The Honeymooners (2:03)
      • Just Another Day… (1:23)
    • Gag Reel (2:49)
      Some more laughs from the final season.
    • Anatomy of an Episode: Jack of All Trades (17:06)
      The cast and filmmakers talk about creating this fun body-swapping/brain-swapping episode. The director talks about some of the notes he got from the studio, other crew members discuss the sets, props and effects, and the actors talk about working with Jaime as their director and taking on each other’s mannerisms. Includes interviews with director/executive producer Jaime Paglia, production designers Greg & Paolo Venturi, VFX executive producer Matt Gore, special effects coordinator Tim Storvick, and stars Salli Richardson-Whitfield, Neil Grayson, Erica Cerra, Colin Ferguson and Niall Matter.
    • Ode to Carl the Jeep (2:40)
      Montage of scenes featuring the Jeep in action and constantly getting destroyed.
    • ‘This Song is on the House’ (4:10)
      Fan Tally plays her original Eureka-inspired song on the ukulele about the love between SARAH and Andy, with intro from Jaime Paglia.
    • A Fond Farewell (3:28)
      The cast and creator say goodbye to the fans.

    Final Thoughts:

    My Rating
    Highly Recommended

    Eureka is a fun, exciting and delightful series, and it’s great to see it finally get an HD release here in the U.S. Mill Creek has put together a solid Blu-ray set that is sure to please fans, porting over nearly all of the bonus material from the previous DVD releases. (The set is missing two extended episodes from the fourth season, and the two Warehouse 13 crossover episodes, all of which appeared on the Season 4 DVD releases.) This Complete Series Blu-ray is priced very consumer-friendly, and is certainly worth the pick-up for potentially new and longtime fans of the show who want to finally check it out in HD. This Blu-ray comes highly recommended for the series alone—the loads of bonus material is just icing on the cake! That said, if you already own the Season 4 DVDs, you may want to hold onto those discs as well.